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Hawkway Industries has been in the Oil Filter Crusher business for many years, we have sold units to small and large business as well as numerous military locations. Owner Wayne F. was employed by the original design company known as Enviro Care Kruncher and heavily involved with the original multi-axis concept and design. The first Oil Filter Crusher unit produced was in 1992 and sold to `California Oil & Filter Recycling, it was an RS1-3515 model, 3 units where sold that year, however the following year, 1993, 24 units where sold. Some of these units are still in use today. Another milestone in 1993 was the design of the larger unit known as HSA-3515 Oil Filter Crusher, this unit processed 6 drum per hour compared to 2 drum for the RS model, 2 units where sold, then the following year, 1994, 18 units where sold. Between both models in the years 1993 - 2007, 14 units where sold to various US defense locations and one was modified for on-board navy ship installation.

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7212 Line 86 , Wallenstein , Ontario N0B 2S0 Canada

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Waste and Recycling
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Nationally (across the country)

The first unit modified for food can depacking was in 1996 and it went to Nestle Foods. In 1992 we modified an HS model for the hazardous materials market, as in full aerosol cans, this unit went to Norway.

When Enviro Care closed up shop, Hawkway Industries took over the operation and we had the good furtone of getting all the files, drawings, schematics etc., of past Enviro Care customers. If you require parts or service on old machines Hawkway can help fill your needs.

Thru all the years problems with the design where noted, so when Hawkway got involved we modified the units to address and correct the Oil Filter Crusher machine.

As in the words of Joe our customer at Cheseapeake Environmental, 'besides the odd hydraulic hose blowing this thing is indestructible it chews thru truck filters like butter.'

If you are after an Oil Filter Chrusher, Food Can Depacker, or Hazardous Materials Chrusher, Hawkway Industries would be glad to build you machine to meet your needs.

Hawkway is also offering rental of Oil Filter Kruncher, get in contact with us to verify availability.