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  • Roller Mills and Grinders

  • Two High Roller Mills

    Two High Roller Mills

    Davis Two High Roller Mills are designed to grind corn, milo and wheat to a fine particle size for hogs, poultry and dairy.  Our Roller Mills are far superior to hammermills because roller mills produce a more consistant particle size with far less dust and fines.  In addition, roller mills use less power than a hammermill.  Please contact us for more details and prices.

  • Granulator


    Davis Granulators are used to gring a variety of products including all grains, ear corn, hay, cottonseed hulls, peanut hulls dried manure, bark, coir blocks, etc.  Our Granulators are similar to hammermills but are built with hardened and sharpened knife tips in place of the blunt hammers.  This provides a slicing action rather than the exploding action of a hamermill.  This makes our Granulators more efficient so they...