H.C. Starck Ceramics GmbH

H.C. Starck Ceramics GmbH

We are a leading global premier supplier of technology metals, high-performance ceramics and thermal spray powders. Our innovative powders and parts made from technology metals, technical ceramics and thermal powders are found in many of today`s successful products and applications. Many technical innovations are possible with H.C. Starck`s materials, because future technologies and high-performance applications make new and challenging demands on materials. Our solutions and products shape megatrends worldwide. We are one of the best companies in the industry, and we work hard to stay out front. To do so, we have to stay close to the market and always a step ahead of the rest. This can only happen if every single team member is fully engaged, responds flexibly to change, and takes pride in their creative role.

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Lorenz-Hutschenreuther-Str. 81 , Selb , 95100 Germany
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Manufacturing, Other
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Globally (various continents)
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Over 1000

Expertise, Quality, and Customer Focus

Whenever ideas are to be transformed into successful products or applications, the first step is to find the appropriate material supplier. Worldwide there is hardly any other company that can meet your material needs as competently as H.C. Starck.

With almost 100 years of experience, H.C. Starck is a leading premium supplier of the technology metals tungstenmolybdenumtantalumniobium, andrheniumhigh-performance ceramics, and thermal spray powders. With innovativeness, a clear commitment to quality, and extensive technological expertise we work side by side with our customers along the entire value-creation chain, supporting them as an expert partner in development and solution creation.

Practice-Centered Research

H.C. Starck is working on the innovative products of tomorrow and beyond with intensive research and development. Over 140 R & D employees around the world work on developing new materials, products, and innovative applications with promising future potential. H.C. Starck holds over 900 patents worldwide, from innovative high-tech materials to process-controlled production and customer-specific product solutions.

Core Competence: Customer-Specific Particle and Component Design

Our core competence in powder metallurgy is the customer-specific design of chemical and physical properties, including particle size, surface structure, granularity, and consistency of the technology metals (also called refractory metals) tungsten, molybdenum, tantalum, niobium, and rhenium. We then mechanically condense, press, sinter, and roll the powders into metal bars. Using special metalworking techniques, we turn these metal bars into customer-specific components, whose unique chemical and physical properties make them virtually indispensable in many key technologies.

Metallurgy and Process Technology
As a technological leader in many fields, our expertise in metallurgy and process technology is a key success factor for meeting current market needs and developing product solutions for specific customers. In conjunction with H.C. Starck’s outstanding quality and unparalleled ability to innovative, this expertise flows into how we collaborate with customers as partners and ultimately secures the sustainability of our customers, and as a result, our company as well.

H.C. Starck is one of the leading companies producing refractory metals, advanced ceramics, and thermal spray powders. Working closely with our customers, we create innovative solutions and promptly put them into action. In doing so, we have the ability to carry out nearly every step of the value chain in-house:

Secondary compression method
  • Hydrometallurgy
  • Powder metallurgy
  • Metallurgy
  • Vacuum arc melting
Processing and manufacturing
  • Green machining
  • Sintering
  • Strip and film casting
  • Screen printing
  • Cold isostatic pressing
  • Uniaxial pressing
  • Warm and cold rolling for molding flat or round products
  • Molding plants (press brake, roll forming)
  • Laser, water, and band saw cutting
  • High-quality precision technology (5-axis machining center) and grinding machines
  • Assembly

Advantages of working with H.C. Starck:

We know how to exploit the unique chemical and physical properties of our high-tech materials to meet customer-specific requirements.

We manufacture powders and components according to exact customer specifications.

We have almost 100 years of experience in powder metallurgy and more than three decades of know how in refractory metal and advanced ceramic processing.

Our certified production processes and quality management procedures guarantee uniform material consistency according to customer-specific parameters.

We know our markets. Whether globally or nationally, with 15 production sites across Europe, North America and Asia, and sales offices in dynamic growth markets, we are represented throughout the world wherever our customers are.

Whether procuring, selecting, processing or calibrating chemical and physical properties or manufacturing high-precision components, we offer single-source services associated with technology metals, advanced ceramics and thermal spray powders.

Working together with our customers to provide added value, our integrated expertise in chemistry, metallurgy and ceramics makes it possible to deliver optimized solutions and, in many cases, alternative solutions.

Our actions are marked by a strong sense of responsibility toward mankind and the environment as well as the needs and requirements of individuals, markets and society. In this sense, we regard customer relationships as sustainable and responsible partnerships.

Our policies and decisions are designed to create the long-term competitiveness and mutual success of our customers and our own company.


H.C. Starck is a leading international manufacturer of high-tech powders and components made of technology metals, advanced ceramics and thermal spray powders.

Our metal product portfolio is based on five technology metals – molybdenum, niobium, rhenium, tantalum, and tungsten. 

Their unique material characteristics such as an extremely high melting point, outstanding thermal conductivity, excellent chemical resistance and high density make them indispensable to many of today’s cutting-edge applications.

The same holds true for our advanced ceramics aluminum oxide, aluminum titanate, silicon carbide, silicon nitride, yttrium oxide and zirconium oxide. With an extremely high resistance to wear, dimensional stability and low weight, our advanced ceramics are the material of choice whenever “normal” metals and synthetics reach the limits of their capability.

Our AMPERIT thermal spray powders are also setting the standard in problem-solving and calibrating customer-specific materials. With a laboratory dedicated to thermal spray technology, H.C. Starck is able to tailor solutions to customer demands – from selecting the appropriate material to defining coating parameters.

Products and applications in growth industries
H.C. Starck products are used in many growth industries such as electronics, energy, automotive, aviation, mechanical engineering and tool manufacture. Applications include cutting tools and drills used to extract oil and gas, sputter targets to manufacture flat screens and semiconductors, coating powders for aircraft and industrial turbines, capacitors used in smartphones and tablet PCs, and as additives for high-purity optical lenses.Our product portfolio is organized into five areas: