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  • Air Quality Testing Services

    Air Quality Testing Services

    Occupant complaints are often the first indicator of a problem with indoor air quality. If you suspect your building is making occupants sick, an indoor air quality assessment will provide answers and peace of mind.

  • Mold Investigation Services

    Mold Investigation Services

    If you are concerned about a possible mold problem, Healthy Air Cape Cod can help. Unlike other companies who only take air samples and forward a lab report to you, we perform a thorough inspection of your home to figure out why there is a problem. As a part of the building assessment, we use a variety of instruments to uncover the source of the moisture that is contributing to the mold growth problem. Often we will take samples to verify our field...

  • Moisture Investigation Services

    Moisture Investigation Services

    Moisture is the single most prevalent cause of air quality problems. The reason is that nearly all indoor air quality issues devolve from elevated levels of moisture. For this reason, moisture investigation is integral to solving most air quality problems.

  • Building Investigation Services

    Building Investigation Services

    Our investigative services include leak investigation, condition assessment, building diagnostics and other assessments. These include:

  • Lab Services

    Lab Services

    Lab services are an important component to air quality investigation. Hypotheses are often times best confirmed by independent laboratory results of collected field samples.

  • Gas Specific Testing Services

    Gas Specific Testing Services

    Testing for specific gases or compounds in the air column is done in a variety of ways. Meters are often used to measure or detect gases commonly found in the workplace or home such as CO2, CO, radon or combustible gases like propane and natural gas used in appliances. Less common gases are sometimes measured using colorimetric detector tubes which show the presence of a specific gas when air is drawn through it. Another method of detection...