HEATECO is vertically integrated group of companies which provides energy efficient projects with substitution of traditional fuels (natural gas, coal) to the local fuels (pellets, briquettes, straw, peat, woodenchips). HEATECO has it’s own factory in Kiev for production of solid fuel boilers with capacity 14-1500kW. Boilers HEATECO are able to operate in automated and manual mode. HEATECO has an experience in installation of plants for production of woodpellets; HEATECO provides delivery and storage of solid fuel on the energy generating facilities.

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Svyatoshynska, 34 , Kiev , 03680 Ukraine

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Energy - Bioenergy
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Nationally (across the country)
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HeatEco “BM” series -  Industrial boiler with manual fuel loading (coal, firewood, wood chips etc.)

- High efficiency (up to 92%)

-  Capacity : 50-2000 kW

-  Automatic controlling desk with access through Internet

-  High operation safety

-  Compact design

-  Best for large buildings and industrial sector. May have cascade connection with other HeatEco boilers.

-  Another type of feeding is possible – coal, firewood, wood chips and many others.

HeatEco “BAP” series - Boiler with automated retort burner

- Ability to operate automatically with pellets as well as with coal fraction up to 25 mm (type 31 or 32 with volatile content 30% and more)

- High efficiency 90-92%

- High quality control for combustion process with PanzelPol burner

- Ability to operate in automatic and manual mode

HeatEco “BAK” series - Boiler with automatic pellet flame burner

- High efficiency 92- 94%

- Automatic ash removal

-  Burner made from stainless steel combined with refractory tiles that provides high quality combustion with low CO emissions.