HeatMatrix Group

HeatMatrix Group

HeatMatrix Group develops and produces new types of plastic heat exchangers for waste heat recovery from industrial flue gas. The exchangers are up to 10 times lighter and up to 3 times smaller than regular metal exchangers. They offer a lot of other advantages, such as high efficiency and corrosion resistance, which makes waste heat recovery profitable. HeatMatrix was founded in 2008 as a spin-off from Shell Chemical legacy Hexion located in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. After some initial years of product development and prototyping the proprietary technology of the robust honeycomb structured polymer tube bundle was ready for market introduction. Excellent performance was proven in harsh conditions of corrosive and fouling flue gas with realized energy savings over 5%.

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de Ooyen 15 , Geldermalsen , 4191 PB Netherlands
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Waste to Energy
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Internationally (various countries)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Supported by a group of renowned investors HeatMatrix is expanding sales towards all European countries and the South-East Asia region. All activities are coordinated from the head office located in Geldermalsen, The Netherlands.

Use the following links for more information about our investors; Sirius EcoTech Fund Dusseldorf, Dürr Group, Shift (Rabobank), Innovatie- en Energiefonds Gelderland.


A significant amount of waste heat remains untapped due to the limited applicability of metal heat exchangers due to (acid) dew point corrosion problems. The HeatMatrix polymer heat exchanger overcomes this limitation and enables energy savings by up to 10% per application. The HeatMatrix exchangers allow companies to save on energy costs and to fulfill their sustainability targets for a very attractive return on investment (Typical pay-out: 2 years).

In the search for energy efficiency in the industry waste heat recovery from flue gas (or off-gas) is one of the most interesting sources of hidden energy to look at. There are three reasons why a stack should be the first location to look at. Because;

  1. At a ‘stack location” significant amounts of primary energy are converted into heat at one single location.
  2. Flue gas is discharged into the atmosphere at relatively high temperatures between 150 and 250 °C.
  3. The outlet for recovered waste heat is nearby. Combustion air has a sufficient low temperature to absorb the currently discharged waste heat.

Sulphur containing fuel is converted during combustion into acidic flue gas, because of the formation of sulphur dioxide and trioxide. The sulphur trioxide condenses in the presence of water vapour as sulphuric acid at a certain dew point temperature  (‘acid dew point’). At this dew point a first small amount of highly concentrated sulphuric acid precipitates on the heat exchanger surface followed by rapid corrosion, fouling and break down of metal heat exchangers.

When flue gas temperature is further reduced beyond the acid dew point the concentration of sulphuric acid is reduced as well as its corrosiveness. It is important to note that the local flue gas temperature at the wall of the heat exchanger is lower compared to the bulk temperature. This local temperature at the flue gas side is leading for acid dew point corrosion problems.


The core of any HeatMatrix exchanger is a rigid matrix of connected polymer tubes. The thin walled tubes are supported over the full length by supporting ribs in order to provide strength and rigidity to the tube bundle. The connected tubes also provide a counter current flow pattern, which has the highest efficiency for heat transfer. The HeatMatrix exchanger can be scaled to any desired size due to the modular structure of the matrix.

The unique advantages of the HeatMatrix exchanger are:

  • Corrosion resistant
  • Robust
  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Counter current