HeGo Biotech GmbH

HeGo Biotech GmbH

HeGo Biotec GmbH is a company – founded in 1990 – that deals with the trade of “agents for environmental protection”. These are mainly substances for wastewater and sludge treatment and gas cleaning. As a forward-looking company, HeGo Biotech GmbH uses industry knowledge and expertise to find sustainable strategies for environmental conservation problems. We offer our customers a unique range of modern and high quality products that achieve not only results, but also a sustainable future. Our range includes modern methods for binding hydrogen sulfide in biogas plants, the application of polymer flocculants in water and sludge treatment and means of odor control in sewer networks. During the entire process of product implementation, we support our customers on and off-site with expert advice and result-oriented service.

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Goerzallee 305 b , Berlin , 14167 Germany
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Water Treatment
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Internationally (various countries)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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For more than 25 years, we have provided reliable services as a partner and supplier. We place a strong emphasis on the synergy between our biogas, gas purification, sewage network and water treatment departments while using professional expertise and diligence to ensure the complete satisfaction of our customers. These emphases can be seen in our quality-tested products and profile-specific customer services. Our multifaceted R & D department takes advantage of modern analysis methods and years of experience to find solutions for our clients’ most complex problems. By using an interdisciplinary approach, we can guarantee a close and effective co-operation with the users of our products.

A trusting relationship with our customers is, for us, the prerequisite for successful work. We are not satisfied with our services until you are satisfied. Long-standing customer relationships and the highest degree of satisfaction of users of our products are the results of this standard.

We are aware of our responsibility towards our environment. Therefore we act conscientiously and ecologically with “Environmental Protection — State of the Art”.

Company Presentation

  • adsorbents and reagents on the basis of iron hydroxide
  • Organic polymeric flocculants
  • nitrate solution against odor and corrosion in sewers
  • Inorganic primary flocculants
  • Reaction release agents for the treatment of oil and wastewater containing paint
  • Processing aids, such as defoamers, hardness stabilizers
  • Mixtures of nutritive minerals for biofilters
  • Deodorizer for odor reduction

Since 1998, different adsorbents and reagents based on iron hydroxide are manufactured exclusively for HeGo Biotec GmbH by the P.U.S. Environmental and Production Service GmbH in Lauta near Hoyerswerda under the name “FerroSorp®“. These products, which are mainly developed by HeGo Biotec GmbH, are used inter alia for hydrogen sulfide removal from gases and for the removal of phosphate, arsenate and heavy metals from water. One focus here is a powdered iron hydroxide-based reactant, which is used for binding hydrogen sulphide in anaerobic processes (e. g. biogas plants).

Under the name “GoFloc®” HeGo Biotec GmbH for more than 25 years provides polymer flocculants, whose main applications are in the fields of wastewater treatment, water treatment and sludge conditioning in industrial and municipal wastewater treatment plants. Due to the capability to access the product range of leading manufacturers, HeGo Biotec GmbH succeeds to offer the best product for practically every application.

Furthermor HeGo Biotec GmbH offers the technology required for the use of the above substances like dissolving and dosing equipment, plant technology for the optimization of flocculation and precipitation processes and demulsification units. A close cooperation with highly productive equipment companies ensures a competent and reliable order processing.

With the development of the GoSil®– and GoMet® -procedures HeGo Biotec GmbH succeeded in offering the operators of sewer systems affordable and effective ways to resolve odor and corrosion problems in the sewer network. In addition to this HeGo Biotec GmbH provides an innovative mobile-based dosing strategy for adding substances into the sewer network, consisting of data loggers, dosing regulators and Internet platform.

With the polymer aggregate “GoPur® 3000″ HeGo Biotec GmbH provides a polymeric primary flocculant, which is particularly suitable for the separation of heavy metal ions from waste water. This product has a very high selectivity for in water dissolved uranyl ions.

In addition to selling substances needed for wastewater and sludge treatment HeGo Biotec GmbH offers a comprehensive service in the field of process counseling for wastewater, waste air and sludge treatment problems.

With the help of the Department of “Research and Development”, the current products are constantly being enhanced and findings are promptly integrated into the application support for the customer. The close cooperation with efficient R & D partners ensures the company that decisive edge to the future to offer products at a high level, which make an important contribution to protecting our environment.

HeGo Biotec GmbH currently employs 26 people. In Bitterfeld / Wolfen the HeGo Biotec GmbH operates a local branch. Our production partner P.U.S. Environmental and Production Service GmbH in Lauta employs up to 80 people.