Located in Roseville California we design, engineer and manufacture the Helios PowerBall and PowerWheel. These proprietary micro-hydro systems are designed for low head (20 feet or less) and flat flowing water installations (6 f/s or greater). The units deliver years of reliable clean power from virtually any moving water. The units are the first suspended hydroelectric generation devices, which results in simple and low-impact installations. The HeliosAltas patented design provides exclusive features such as the ability to shed silt and debris, and to automatically extract from the water during unusually high flows. The units can be installed to allow full aquatic passage. HeliosAltas Corp is moving the world to zero carbon energy production through its unique technologies and distribution system. The goal of the company is to bring access to cost competitive zero emission energy technologies to the people of the world.

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PO BOX 1150 , Roseville , California 95678 USA

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Energy - Hydro Power
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Globally (various continents)