Hemmera is a progressive consulting firm that provides professional services in environmental sciences, engineering, planning and management. Since its establishment in 1994, Hemmera has grown into a highly respected multi-disciplinary company with over 140 staff. The firm has primary office locations in Vancouver, Burnaby, Victoria, and Calgary, and a strong project presence across Western Canada. Hemmera is focused on creating opportunities and supporting our clients and partners in addressing environmental and community challenges.

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1380 Burrard Street, Suite 250 , Vancouver , BC V6Z 2H3 Canada
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Engineering service provider
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Regionally (various states or provinces)
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$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US

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At Hemmera, we strive to create opportunities. For our clients, that means that we go beyond technical excellence to deliver customized solutions that address specific business needs. For our people, it means that we work on compelling projects where our unique contributions are respected and appreciated, and that we will receive the training and support that we need to move our careers forward.

At Hemmera, we have made a strong commitment to embrace our corporate responsibilities and promote our personal and corporate values. We are active participants in our communities, and contribute to many charitable and non-profit causes. We have declared community engagement to be a core value within our corporate strategic plan. This is a selection of the causes that we sponsor.

The Robert Bateman Get to Know Program
Hemmera is proud to be one of many corporate sponsors of the Get to Know Program, a Canadian Wildlife Fund initiative spearheaded by Canada’s most renowned wildlife artist. The program encourages Canada’s youth to better understand the plants and animals around us, and takes important steps towards raising a generation who will care for the environment. Mr Bateman was inspired to develop the program by research revealing that youth recognize over 1,000 corporate logos but fewer than 10 species of wildlife in their communities. The program includes initiatives such as an annual youth art, writing and photography contest, and the provision of educational resources for schools.

Enter the Get to Know Contest
We are a Major Partner of the program’s Enter the Get to Know Contest, an annual contest in which young people can win prizes by submitting their artwork, writing, photography or video celebrating wildlife. Prizes include a week-long Art & Nature Camp in the Gulf Islands Natural Park Reserve. Visit the contest site for details.

The United Way
Hemmera matches funds raised by staff during our annual United Way campaign. In 2007 the company won the Quantum Leap Participation Award for raising $20,000, with over 90% staff involvement. Our president, Paul Hemsley is the United Way’s Deputy Division Chair for Professionals, Campaign Cabinet.

BEST Commuter Challenge
Hemmera placed first overall within BC in our category in the 2012 Better Environmentally Sound Transportation (BEST) Commuter Challenge. Many of our staff members rose to the one-week challenge of leaving their vehicles at home and using sustainable modes of transportation. Throughout the year, Hemmera supports a range of initiatives to encourage sustainable transportation, including ridesharing and telecommuting.

Run for the Cure
Every October, Hemmera participates in the Canadian Breast Cancer Society’s Run for the Cure—the largest single-day fundraiser for breast cancer. In 2008, we raised over $2,000 for cancer research, awareness and education programs.

Bowl for Big Brothers
We are proud to support the Big Brothers vision of ensuring that every child who needs a mentor has one. We have a long tradition of participating in the annual Bowl for Big Brothers campaign that raises funds for this important program.

Vancouver Sun Run
Every year the Hemmera team runs in the Vancouver Sun Run, Canada’s largest community run, in support of children’s literary programs around BC. The company supports and sponsors the team, which builds corporate and team spirit among the staffers who train together.

Hemmera’s Environment Committee
Our staff-driven Environment Committee identifies and manages Hemmera’s environmental footprint through collaborative execution of our Environmental Management Plan. Our initiatives combine policy and procedural implementation, positive engagement, and awareness campaigns. Sustainability is one of Hemmera’s core values; we promote sustainability both within our operations and with our clients and partners.

Hemmera's Health and Safety Committee
We have a group of dedicated professionals who are committed to ensuring we carry out the best health and safety practices according to industry standards. Our health and safety members engage others to be responsible and accountable for our health and safety performance.

YMCA Childcare Facility
For several years, several senior staff have donated time and engineering expertise to redevelop a YMCA childcare facility in East Vancouver, which offers a range of programs to support the healthy development of children in the community.

Science World
For many years now, Hemmera has been a proud partner and supporter of Science World. Our Vice President Eric K. Pringle, is a member of the Champions Circle, a group focused on promoting science and technology to our province’s youth.

H.R. MacMillan Space Centre
Hemmera is deeply involved with the H.R. MacMillan Space Centre—a valuable centre for the local science community—and our Vice President Eric K. Pringle serves on its Board of Directors, providing input into strategies and sustainability practices to support the non-profit organization.

The Hemmera Way is unique to Hemmera—it is a collective way of thinking that defines our behaviours, actions, attitudes and approach to everything we do. It provides consistency in how we attain results, even when there are competing demands or multiple ways of addressing an issue. The Hemmera Way differentiates us from our competitors by the way we live it.

We Are People-Based
We believe in our people. Each individual adds to the foundation of our organization. We value and accept each staff member as a unique contributor and a key component of our organization and our success. Our success is based on the contribution of each of our people.

  • We seek the best people and expect the best from our people.
  • We support, recognize, respect and care about our staff, helping them to grow and develop in their careers.
  • We work and succeed as a team. Our teams are results-oriented and will do whatever it takes to complete the job successfully.

We Are Business-Focused
Hemmera is a business-focused, innovative and entrepreneurial organization.

  • We value and support our clients by being responsive and providing project-tailored solutions to meet their unique challenges.
  • We build and maintain strong, long-term relationships with our clients, acting as a trusted advisor to them.
  • We strive to grow sustainably (economically, socially, environmentally), recognizing that we are in a competitive market place and understanding that we are only as good as our last job.
  • We are focused on profitable growth that is fairly shared by staff through competitive salaries, bonuses and benefits.
  • We deliver on our business targets, metrics and Key Performance Indicators.
  • We never compromise the health and safety of our staff, our clients or those around us.

We Are Values-Driven
Hemmera’s values define what we believe as an organization and how we work with each other and our clients. They are the basis for our decision-making. We treat everyone—clients, co-workers, regulators, and suppliers—fairly, and treat all with dignity and respect.

  • Our individual and corporate actions, decisions, behaviours and communications are based on our Foundation Values of Respect, Integrity, Accountability and Sustainability.
  • Hemmera’s Values must be lived and we will remain accountable to them.
  • Our Values of Innovation, Responsiveness and Adaptability will shape how we continue to grow, compete and diversify.
  • We give back to the communities in which we work through a variety of significant initiatives.

We Value Performance Excellence
We strive to excel in the business of consulting. We are unique and set ourselves apart from our competitors by hiring and retaining the best consultants, working as an effective and integrated team, and consistently delivering exceptional results for our clients in a manner consistent with our Values.

  • We provide our clients with peace of mind, confident that the right team is on their project.
  • We are technically excellent, building technically superior teams for each project.
  • We are a learning organization, using motivation, imagination and innovation to keep us on the leading edge of project outputs and delivery.
  • While our Values will remain unchanged (they may be added to), our operating procedures and processes will remain subject to continuous refinement and improvement.

At Hemmera, we have made a strong commitment to embrace our corporate responsibilities to our people, to the communities in which we live and work, and to the environment. These responsibilities are articulated in The Hemmera Way and form part of our corporate vision as “The Employer of Choice… for Employees of Choice”. They are, simply, part of the fabric of the company.

We are active participants in our communities, and we have declared community engagement as a core value within our corporate strategic plan.

Promoting Health and Sustainability
Our corporate responsibilities begin with valuing the individuals that make up Hemmera. The company supports a range of staff health and sustainability initiatives through our Health and Wellness Fund, a fund that is available to each staff member to help pay for “green” actions such as transit passes, to personal fitness activities, such as gym memberships and ski tickets.

Supporting Future Generations
We strongly promote environmental education, to inform and inspire upcoming generations toward environmental awareness and sustainability. Hemmera has built strong relationships with local and national universities and colleges to promote environmental education. Hemmera people make presentations to students and attend and contribute to environmental-education events. The company offers student employment opportunities through co-operative education plans that provide direct hands-on experience in the environmental consulting industry.

Hemmera is also a supporter of Robert Bateman’s “Get to Know” Program, an education initiative formed by the famous wildlife artist to bring Canada’s youth back in touch with nature.

Personal Contributions to Our Communities
In order to give back to the communities in which we live and work Hemmera staff members participate in many external events, in and outside of working hours. Our people provide fundraising, volunteerism, and environmental leadership in a number of campaigns and activities. The company coordinates an annual United Way Campaign and supports and participates in a number of community events including the Vancouver Sun Run, Canadian Breast Cancer Society’s Run for the Cure, Evergreen Earth Day clean ups, and Bowling for Big Brothers.

Corporate Contributions
Every year, Hemmera increases its community support and engagement. We support a variety of groups and initiatives, both in time (pro bono work, executive positions on boards, association participation) and financially (through sponsorships, fundraising and donations). Examples include: Robert Bateman’s “Get to Know” Program, the BC Environment Industry Association, Science World Rejuvenation Committee, the Vancouver Board of Trade Sustainability Committee, National Brownfield Association (BC Chapter), YMCA of Greater Vancouver, and H.R. MacMillan Space Centre.

At Hemmera, we consider health and safety to be the most important aspect of all activities carried out under the Hemmera name—for our staff, and for those who interact with them as part of their regular duties. All Hemmera staff must ensure that practical and effective measures are in place to protect the health and safety of our fellow employees, clients, subcontractors and the public at large, in the field and the office. Further, all necessary measures must be in place to protect our clients' properties, and public and private properties close to our work sites.

Hemmera's employees, at every level, are responsible and accountable for the company's health and safety performance. Active participation by everyone, every day, in every job, is necessary for the safety excellence this company expects.

Management will set an example and provide leadership in the health and safety program. Management, in consultation with the employees will establish a health and safety policy, work procedures and provide proper equipment and training. Management and employees are responsible for following all company policies and procedures, working with an awareness of health and safety, and cooperating in working towards continually improving our health and safety program.

Hemmera requires that all personnel, contract employees, subcontractors and key suppliers plan for, and design, safety into each of its field projects. Health and safety performance is a critical consideration in Hemmera employee reviews and contractor selection processes. Hemmera personnel, contract employees, and employees of subcontractors, shall be aware of and comply with relevant Occupational Illness, Fire, Security and Health and Safety legislation, and with established rules and procedures and work with equal concern for the safety of co-workers.

Hemmera field and office projects will maintain the highest standards of health and safety excellence through effective training, careful planning and strong management.

Our Vision
We are a boutique environmental consultancy firm, entrepreneurial in our essence, making a difference across the country and around the globe. We are a diverse team that has grown together, and are the recognized leaders in our industry. We live the Hemmera Way every day, and are highly respected in the cities and countries in which we work.

Our Mission
Within Hemmera, our mission is reflective of our focus on people – our clients, our staff, and our firm’s culture. Creating opportunities for clients means going beyond providing them with technical services and extends to delivering customized solutions and positive impacts. Creating opportunities for Hemmera means ensuring the sustainability of our firm by staying at the forefront of regulations, of our disciplines and remaining engaged with our industry, sectors and communities. Creating opportunities for our people means offering great projects, training and support for personal and career growth and development.

Our Values
These are the fundamental values that define us a company, and that guide our decisions and efforts.

  • Respect - We work together and strive to understand our different perspectives and needs; this encompasses our clients, partners, and team members.
  • Integrity - We will do what we say and deliver on our commitments.
  • Accountability - We hold ourselves and each other responsible, and acknowledge the trust and confidence our clients and team have placed in us to deliver the right solutions.
  • Sustainability - We strive for solutions that address client needs, business objectives, and principles of sustainability.
  • Innovation - We seek better ways of doing things and strive for continual improvement.
  • Responsiveness - We are opportunity-focused, quick to react, and eager to support our teams and our clients.
  • Adaptability - We respond to the changing economic and regulatory conditions impacting our clients and industry.