Henan Tengfei Polymer Material Corp.

Henan Tengfei Polymer Material Corp.

Henan Tengfei Polymer Material Corp. is engaged in UHMW-PE/PU/PA/HDPE/PTFE/Rubber material products in sheet/rod/roller/pipe & special sharp and size. 15 technicians have been growing with the factory since its parent firm Anyang Innovation Rubber & Plastics Co which was founded in 2002. Our new factory area is 11, 333 square meters, where more than 70 staffs are working. 500 tons UHMW-PE sheet, ,800 tons UHMW PE pipe, 100,000 Meters Nylon pipe, 100,000pcs Rubber parts, 120,000pcs rollers & rubber rollers, 1000,000pcs CNC machining works every year. Products will be inspected, before delivery, for compressive strength, tensile strength, izod impact, shores hardness, heat resistance, friction modulus and stability etc , or inspection following clients' requirement. ISO9001-2008 Quality Management system and SGS requirement are well insisted. After sales issues are in charged by the Production Office, any question or problem will be replied within 24 hours. Our email: tfpmaterial@163.com

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Yigou Industrial Zone, Tangyin County , Anyang , Henan 456150 China

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Internationally (various countries)
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$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Our company, Anyang Gemco Energy Machinery Co., Ltd (GEMCO), is located in Anyang, a historical city in China's Henan province. Due to its agricultural output, the province of Henan is known as China's 'breadbasket'. This, in combination with Anyang's aptitude for steel production, has engendered GEMCO's success as a manufacturer of agricultural machinery—particularly pellet mills. We were established in 1994 and have since expanded our presence internationally through export. We undertake the design, manufacture, installation and after-sales service for projects related to pellet presses and wood pellet machines.

Among its peers, GEMCO was the first to qualify for both ISO9001:2000 and CE certification. Additionally, import and export qualification certificates were obtained from China's Commission of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation (COFTEC). The company's exports include a range of machinery for producing biomass energy, briquetting and oil presses. GEMCO's machinery is designed for its functionality and easy maintenance. The usable life of its key parts is twice that of its peers. GEMCO also boasts patented technology. The company has good standing in the domestic market and has exported its machines to 50 countries around the world, thus earning a favorable reputation internationally.

As global supplies of traditional energy sources are depleted, and as the need to protect the environment has become more urgent, biomass energy has moved to the forefront of the alternative energy movement due to its carbon neutrality. Anyang Gemco Energy Co., Ltd. seeks to increase the availability of machinery used to harness the power of biomass energy to ensure environmental protection and sustainable development.

Professionalism, Diversity and Focus on the clients' needs, these are the basic pillars of GEMCO. Moreover, our specialization in Renewable Energy and Pellet mill allows us to offer anytime a catalogue with the best market solutions available.

  • Open: mean abandoning conservative, breakthroughs, innovative;
  • Communication: is to succeed as an effective tool during work and social activities, many difficult work of the problems can be resolved through active and honest communication;
  • Trust: is the team building, is a guarantee of efficiency, but also the key of the business activities to obtain the success.

GEMCO started its business exporting the YZL (6YL) series small-sized oil press in 1997. The machine was originally designed to produce agricultural crude oil. After years of innovation we successfully built corollary equipment to further process crude oil into edible oil. In response to some clients who used the oil press for biodiesel preprocessing, we then established a biodiesel initiative to provide consultation and aid for biodiesel processing. From 2002 to 2004, GEMCO was the largest Chinese oil press exporter in China according to official customs’ statistics.

In 2005, GEMCO began exporting small-sized pellet mills used for traditional feed pellet processing. However, some of our clients succeeded in applying the machines to biomass pellet production. This inspired us to enter the biomass energy industry. After intensive study and research, we concluded that our feed pellet machines could in fact produce wood pellets, but since little or no binder is added in the pelletization process the useable life of the machine was shortened. Given these facts, GEMCO established a research and development department in 2007 focusing on biomass machinery design and technological innovation. After countless trials and modifications, we finally succeeded in building the GEMCO ZLSP series pellet mill. It broke through the limits faced by the feed pellet machine when utilized for wood pellet production and meets the needs of commercialized biomass pellet production.

GEMCO currently possesses several core patented technologies in the field of biomass pellet production. Besides small-sized pellet mills, GEMCO also provides pellet mills and complete pellet production lines with capacities of over two tons per hour. We provide a complete range of services to include design, manufacture, installation, debugging and training. To present, GEMCO has completed several pellet production lines across Europe, Asia, the Americas and Africa. In 2009 and 2010, GEMCO was China’s largest exporter of pellet machines according to official customs’ statistics.

Along with the development of the biomass pellet equipment, GEMCO also devotes its efforts to the fields of biomass briquette production and biomass carbonization. We have numerous kinds of briquette machines for customers to choose, including both screw and hydraulic presses. Different accessories are also available.