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Hensel Recycling

Hensel Recycling

Duesmann & Hensel Recycling Group is one of the leading international businesses specializing in the recycling of precious metals like platinum, palladium and rhodium from catalytic converters from automotive and various industrial applications. We treat and process all materials in a professional and environmentally-friendly manner. As recycling experts in precious metals we offer professional and personal support not only for catalytic converters but a host of other materials upon request. Duesmann & Hensel Recycling is your trusted partner for precious metal recycling worldwide. Founded in Germany in 1998, the company has steadily grown, from a local collector of spent automotive catalytic converters to a global recycling expert for all kinds of catalytic converters. Driven by a team of some 250 highly qualified employees worldwide, each dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction. We are a certified company at your service whenever and wherever you need us.

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Muehlweg 10 , Aschaffenburg , 63743 Germany
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Service provider
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Metal Recycling
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Globally (various continents)
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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Our new internet presentation is designed to provide you with an even more personal experience, as customers, business partners and interested parties – giving you the feeling of being well looked after. Find out about our catalytic converter recycling and services, or simply browse as you like. Learn about the benefits that result from working with us. Get in touch with us – our friendly team of experts will be happy to address your inquiries and suggestions.

Our work is characterised by putting the customer first. Drawing on more than 15 years of experience we have become experts in developing professional solutions to meet your individual needs. Take advantage of our expertise in catalytic converter-based precious metal recycling, which we illustrate here.

We leave nothing to chance. Planning and executing with precision ensures maximum process reliability, leading to high precious metal returns as well as the user-friendly structure of our new website.

We cordially invite you to take advantage of our extensive and easy to navigate online portal. Besides information about our company, our processes, services and articles on catalytic converter recycling, you will find career opportunities as we are always looking for talented people.

With more than 250 employees in nine countries the group offers its customers the complete range of services related to precious metal recycling. We answer all your questions and provide all needed services concerning precious metal management.

Thanks to our trend-setting technology and customized services, we are able to offer efficient and reliable solutions around the globe. We are your competent and reliable partner.

We Recycle. You Win.Our friendly experienced team is able to support you whenever you need us – over the phone or on-site – providing advice on catalytic converter-based precious metal recycling, collecting your products, or at any time during the recycling process. Thanks to our worldwide network of subsidiaries, predominantly staffed by local personnel, you deal with people who appreciate and understand your needs.

In an increasingly anonymous world we value and foster the personal contact with you. It is the only way to promote trust and build a partnership that supports your long-term success.

We aim to recover the precious metal contained in your products as effectively as possible. To do so we use technically sophisticated procedures that result in highly accurate results. As recyclers we aspire to making valuable contributions to a sustainable planet by supplying recovered precious metals for today’s and tomorrow’s generations.

Our newly implemented plasma smelting furnace is specifically designed to optimise the recovery of precious metals from spent automotive catalytic converters. This ensures the most efficient, environmentally sound smelting process for the material containing precious metals.

Our business models are flexible and focus on satisfying your wishes. No matter which model you select, or which services you desire – we categorise your converters based on our extensive catalogue, process them and analyse their precious metal content with a high degree of precision to ensure that you are fully compensated.

We pay special attention that you get an honest offer for all of your materials as we aim to build a mutually beneficial and long-term business relationship. We discourage the idea of one-off special offers for individual products.

In the Best of Hands.

Precision is our guiding principle. It is also part of our daily routine. From drafting quotations, sorting and processing materials to preparing and analysing samples we meticulously monitor and follow our rigorous procedures. It is the only way to achieve the maximum recovery of precious metals from catalytic converters – and to pay you a fair price. We are, of course, all the more pleased that we save natural resources in the process.

We analyse the precious metal content in our X-ray fluorescence analysis laboratory as well as commission independent accredited laboratories to analyse the samples. Assessing value is both swift and reliable.

Our management and production processes are audited and certified regularly. However, we are innovation-driven and therefore continuously seeking to evaluate and optimise our processes. A policy that equips us for developments on the precious metals markets, and enables us to provide you with the best possible service.

Brilliant Outlook.

Catalytic converters have been preserving the natural resources of our planet for decades. Precious metals are the “heart” of converters which, for instance, enables people to remain mobile in environmentally responsible manner. Securing a sustainable supply is therefore increasingly important. We ensure that the precious metals in catalytic converters are recycled to a high standard of purity within a short time.

Our recovery of your precious metals is based on our personal commitment, professional methods and precise procedures. We also achieve exceptionally high recycling rates, thus keeping our promise of making a substantial contribution to preserving resources.

Compared to mining, recycling automotive catalytic converters represents an appreciably more environmentally friendly way of the extraction of precious metals. By operating our plasma smelting furnace, being located in Germany, we are also making a significant, long-term contribution to securing the supply of raw materials in central Europe. Our plasma technology is unique in continental Europe and, on behalf of the direct application of energy, represents a technically highly efficient solution and more. Due to the usage of electrical energy, it is also almost zero-emission and extraordinarily safe.

The Original.

Within more than 15 years, Duesmann & Hensel Recycling has developed from being a local collector to becoming the global expert for catalytic converter recycling.  We have a passion for recycling catalytic converters, whether they are used in automobile or industrial applications, or are made of ceramic or metal. We have continuously built up our knowledge over the years and are happy to pass on the benefits to you.

For example, in 2008 we pioneered the compilation of an extensive catalogue of all current automotive catalytic converters. We categorised them, making sorting and determining their value easy, transparent and precise – so you get maximum return of your materials.

The latest edition includes over 600 catalytic converter types, emphasising our leading role as expert in this field. 

From the start, our customers have regarded us as a trustworthy partner. We honour this trust on a daily basis, ensuring your success in the future.