Hepburn Bio Care Ltd

Hepburn Bio Care Ltd

Hepburn Bio Care is the leading supplier of sustainable environmental solutions for the marine and hospitality industries. We help our clients reduce risk and costs, increase efficiency, comply with health and safety and environmental legislation as well as improving customer service levels. We’ve provided proven sustainable solutions with big savings to our cruise, commercial marine and superyacht customers since 1999 and have a long line of customers who can testify to the results we have achieved for them, including Princess Cruises, Disney Cruise Line, Thomson, Mercy Ships, BP and Costa Cruises.

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Water and Wastewater - Water Treatment
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The Hepburn cleaning, sanitizing and organic waste treatment products were developed to help create a safer work and leisure place and in so doing to also address growing world concern with the number of non biodegradable chemicals in use and the tons of organic waste being poured untreated into our environment.

The Hepburn Process is based on using biodegradable and biological cleaning and waste treatment products. The cleaning products are non aggressive and lift the dirt from soiled areas without damaging the surfaces. The bio products use the surface area in the effluent discharge pipes and drains, not hydraulic retention, to create a bioreactor throughout the vessel or building, thus effectively breaking down all organic waste streams in situ, prior to discharge into the council drains or into the treatment tanks.

We have consistently biodegraded kitchen drainage water, black water, accommodation grey water and even pulper water, reducing BOD by as much as 70%, TSS by 50% in one day, Removing odors and solids.

Experience is beginning to show that being environmentally proactive actually makes good business sense, as it reduces corporate risk, offers positive image enhancement and the reduction of long term costs. It attracts investors and if only from a moral point of view it is also the right thing to do

As custodians of our environment we believe that we must do what we can now, to protect our environmental for our children and our children’s children. The Hepburn process provides a cost efficient solution: we clean and sanitize effectively, non abrasively using the latest eco-technology.

The Hepburn Process also predigests all types of organic waste at its source; that is galley waste, drainage/pulper water, black water waste (sewage) grey water waste, contaminated bilge water -proven by substantial reductions of BOD’s (biochemical oxygen demand), TSS (total suspended solids) COD (chemical oxygen demand). Our Process reduces the loading on your treatment plants, because it pre-digests the waste and it also keeps your black water lines free of ammonium magnesium phosphates (scale).

The Hepburn products guarantee that buildings, streets, and vessels are odor free, waste lines are clean, solids are dramatically reduced and that treatment plants work more efficiently and cost effectively. They can only improve the working and leisure environment and your bottom line.

We look forward to working with you to create a safer world.

Hepburn Bio Care products create a BIO REACTOR through out the building/vessel.
Changing to Hepburn BIO Care products ensures a

  • Reduction in inventory
  • Reduction in transactions-substantial cost savings
  • Reduction in MSD sheets-increased compliance
  • Reduction in risk to work surfaces, equipment & pipes-cost savings
  • Reduction in maintenance costs, acid strips, tank cleaning
  • Reduction in handling and landing costs, storage problems
  • Reduction in pipe blockages-cost savings
  • Reduction in odours leading to reduced guest complaints
  • Reduction in health & safety risks leading to a happier personnel
  • Reduction in capital costs, insurance
  • Reduction of 60% and more of BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand
  • Reduction of 55% and more of TSS (Total Suspended Solids)
  • Reduction in Corporate risk
  • Reduction in long term operational costs

The Hepburn aim is to constantly improve, to innovate and to also remove issues which upset guests and operators alike, such as; smells, blockages, foaming, build-up of solids and malfunctioning toilets. Our system also reduces long term operational costs while enabling our customers to pursue a positive, risk free, proactive environmental policy with no extra expenditure. This may seem too good to be true but it is not. As our successes show, working in harmony with nature is clearly the right thing to do and it makes good business sense.

TODAY’S WORLD........we need to change things

“Sustainable development” the catchword of today’s responsible leaders, was defined by the UN Commission on Environment and Development in 1987, as ‘development which meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs’

The World Summit on Sustainable Development, hosted 26th August 2002 in Johannesburg has confirmed that environmental issues have become a permanent part of our local and international social, political and business agenda.

The aim of environmental policies must be a transformation of the way mankind interacts with his environment. This can only become a reality when we all understand that we have to work in harmony with nature to achieve sustainable results and that this will only happen with the promotion of ‘responsible and ethical social and business behavior’

For the cruise industry nothing could be more sure- the natural environment, the oceans, are the basis of its commercial world and it must secure the long term sustainability of the world’s oceans if it is to survive.

Let us prove to you that ..
“Being green is not only environmentally correct but good business management”, particularly as Consumers are showing willingness to switch brands in response to perceived differences in social responsibility.

Despite the inevitability of such pressures the way forward is not all doom and gloom. The Cruise Industry has been a motivating force on its own, in the search for sustainable environmental solutions, in truth it has also become the conscience of the land based industry. We hope to learn together that the true picture of the challenges facing the Cruise industry, mostly not of our making and to define, viable sustainable cost efficient solutions.

Why save the sea?

Healthy oceans are our future.... quite simply because from the oceans bounty of small floating plants our atmosphere is enriched with oxygen and depleted of CO2 …without healthy oceans there would be no earth and certainly no life on the earth as we know it...

Our Oceans are at risk....

Today’s world –6.2 billion humans-new data reveals that humans have touched 40% of the earths terrestrial surface- no place remains unchanged.

The oceans cover 93% of the world’s surface and contain 96.5% of the world’s water -fresh water consists of 2.5% but our oceans are the least understood ecosystem in the world and the one at most risk.

  • 60% of the coral reefs (vital sources of biodiversity and marine productivity) are threatened by human activity
  • 1/4th are already degraded beyond recovery.
  • There are five known black spots around the world where there is no plant life

Alien invasion

  • The Earth is quickly being taken over by alien species
  • For example ½ the land area of Hawaii is now dominated by alien species.
  • Such invaders cost the USA $140 billion pa in losses to agriculture, forestry, etc. Global trade means that 3000 species hitch a ride every day in ballast water egg Zebra mussel has the potential to catastrophically alter the ecosystems they invade.
  • Alien invasion 2nd largest threat to sea life


  • 70% of the fish stock is depleted from the oceans


  • How much of this is attributable to the cruise industry -very little
  • National Geographic September 2002, attributed 10% of all marine pollution to the marine industry
  • How much of this holds devastating implications for the cruise industry and our world - all of it.

Chemical impact

  • Chemical toxicity is a major issue today with chemicals which do not biodegrade fully being absorbed into the fatty tissue of fish and animals and thereby entering our food chain and ultimately our fatty tissue.
  • The long term effects can only be imagined.

Zoologist- Theo Coburn-called attention to synthetic chemicals –called hormone disrupters which interfere in the development of the gender of animals

Hepburn Bio Care cleaning, sanitising and organic waste treatment products were developed to help create a safer work and leisure place, and in so doing to address growing world concern with the number of non-biodegradable chemicals in use and the tons of organic waste being poured untreated into our environment.

The Hepburn Process is based on using only biodegradable and biological cleaning and waste treatment products. Our cleaning products are non-aggressive and lift the dirt from soiled areas without damaging surfaces. Our bio products use the surface area in the effluent discharge pipes and drains to create a bioreactor throughout the vessel or building. This effectively breaks down all organic waste streams in situ, prior to discharge into treatment tanks, council drains, our oceans, rivers and environment. They also predigest all types of organic waste at its source, including galley waste, drainage/pulper water, black or grey water waste, and contaminated bilge water. The results are proven by substantial reductions of BOD (biochemical oxygen demand) by as much as 70%, TSS (total suspended solids) by 80-90%, and COD (chemical oxygen demand).

Our experienced engineers and health and safety officers are trained to help you meet budgets, train your crew and eliminate the risk of fines for regulations that are changing daily. We will also eliminate odours, blockages and reduce inventory, whilst protecting your investment, our environment, your staff and guests.

We can provide simple solutions or total service contracts where we manage your chemical and plastics inventory, often reducing this by 80% which in turn reduces your freight and handling costs pro-rata. We solve the problems of too many chemicals, high overboard discharge levels, non-compliance with regulation, management of black and grey water lines, smells, and dysfunctional toilets.

If you have a problem reducing costs, meeting new legislation regarding health and safety or discharge, a fear of how to cope with NORO outbreaks, sanitising efficiently, odours, discharge levels of phosphates, TSS, heavy metals or ammonia or too many chemicals, then please contact us. We look forward to working with you to create a safer world.