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Heraeus Noblelight America LLC is a leading global manufacturer of industrial UV curing systems. The company was founded in 1971 with the invention of microwave-powered UV curing systems. Today, we’re the world`s largest manufacturer of UV equipment and systems to customers around the world. Our UV curing systems are vital to the manufacturing of thousands of items people use every day. Our patented technologies include the use of microwave power to generate intense UV light from electrodeless bulbs. This results in the ability to cure coatings more quickly, improve productivity, reduce costs and promote environmentally friendly manufacturing.

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Heraeus Noblelight America:  A Brief History
Founded in 1971, Heraeus Noblelight America is a world leading global manufacturer of industrial UV curing systems.  Like so many other new ventures, the Heraeus Noblelight America story began with five plasma physicists experimenting with the knowledge that high temperature plasma emitted ultraviolet radiation.

Our five company founders realized that if they could find a way to harness the power plasma to emit ultraviolet light efficiently – and to make it reliable, cost-effective and easy to operate – they might be able to develop a product they could commercialize and sell.  They believed that if they used a magnetron and a sealed electrodeless bulb in a modular format, one unit could be coupled with another with no loss of UV light.  Manufacturers could then cure products from several inches to several feet wide.

One of the first Heraeus Noblelight America customers was a very important one – Coors.  We were challenged with developing a can production system that would run continuously, 24/7.  Fortunately, we were very successful in that application.

More than 10,000 customers use our systems and equipment.  They represent a wide range of markets and applications, and include some of the world’s largest corporations.

We maintain sales and distribution channels in 25 countries throughout the world.  See a complete location listing.  In addition, we maintain fully-staffed  Customer Application and Process Development Laboratories in the USA, Europe and Asia that are a key resource to our customers in their UV process development and testing endeavors. 

Likewise, we work closely with leading consultants and companies in the industry, including raw material suppliers, formulated product suppliers and machine builders.  Working together, we are continuing to expand the frontiers of UV curing science and application to manufacturing processes.

Fusion UV  is ISO 9001-certified, underscoring our commitment to providing the highest quality equipment, support, training, process development and after-sales service to our customers.  We invite you to view our Environmental Stewardship, corporate Vision Statement and Guiding Principles and Terms and Conditions of Sale.