Heraeus Noblelight LLC

Heraeus Noblelight counts itself among the market and technology leaders worldwide for special lamps with wavelengths from ultraviolet to infrared for industrial, scientific, and medical applications. With locations in Germany, the United Kingdom, China, and the USA, the segment manufactures lamps for analytical measurement technology and the printing industry, infrared emitters for industrial heating processes, arc and flash lamps, and products for water disinfection and air treatment, as well as sun simulation and photochemistry with a high level of vertical integration.

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Monitoring and Testing
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Globally (various continents)
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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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A globally leading technology group, Heraeus is headquartered in Hanau, Germany. Founded in 1851, it is a family-owned portfolio company which traces its roots back to a pharmacy opened by the family in 1660. Today, Heraeus combines businesses in the environmental, energy, electronics, health, mobility and industrial applications sectors.

In the 2017 financial year, Heraeus generated revenues of €21.8 billion. With approximately 13.000 employees in 40 countries, the FORTUNE Global 500-listed company holds a leading position in its global markets. Heraeus is one of the top 10 family-owned companies in Germany.

With technical expertise, a commitment to excellence, a focus on innovation and entrepreneurial leadership, we are constantly striving to improve our performance. We create high-quality solutions for our clients and strengthen their long-term competitiveness by combining unique material expertise with leadership in technology.

The father of today’s global company was Wilhelm Carl Heraeus, a pharmacist and chemist who took over his father’s pharmacy in Hanau, Germany, in 1851. At the time, platinum was in high demand for jewelry making. But platinum posed a major challenge for goldsmiths: It had to be forged in a white-hot state, because it is extremely hard and has a melting point of 1769 degrees Celsius.

Wilhelm Carl Heraeus, who worked with local goldsmiths, was familiar with the problem—and he found a solution. After extensive attempts, he succeeded in melting two kilograms of platinum in an oxyhydrogen gas flame. The “first German platinum melting house” was born, and success was not far off. The young entrepreneur's customers soon included goldsmith shops and jewelry factories around the world, as well as dental factories, chemical laboratories, and companies in numerous other industrial sectors. Wilhelm Carl Heraeus continued to experiment with platinum, and found one new application after another for the precious metal.

By the end of the 19th century, Dr. Wilhelm Heraeus and Heinrich Heraeus had inherited their father’s business, and W. C. Heraeus relocated to new facilities just outside the city gates of Hanau together with 40 employees. At that time, around 1,000 kilograms of platinum were melted and processed each year.

Heraeus Noblelight operates an independent measurement laboratory which is accredited as a test laboratory in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005. Customers can access the many years of light source measurement experience the team have to offer.The team of specialists at the measurement laboratory made up of physicists, engineers and measurement technicians can rely on a wealth of experience.
Customers benefit from the know-how of the team at the measurement laboratory and their equipment: Customer-specific measurements can be taken within the laboratory or at the customers site.

Range of services:
  • Measurement of infrared and UV emitters
  • Measurement of irradiance, radiant flux, ray density and service life
  • Wavelengths from VUV to infrared
  • Lamp lengths from 1 mm to 2,000 mm
  • Power consumption from mW to 15,000 W
  • Measurements at the Heraeus measurement laboratory or on site at the customer's premises
  • Accreditation - neutral seal of approval for guaranteed objectivity of the measuring results
Our equipment - your benefit:
  • The only Ulbricht sphere of this size in the UV market - faster, more precise and more cost-efficient than any other comparable method
  • Large vacuum chamber for precise measurements in the VUV range
  • Mobile double monochromator precise on-site analyses at the customer's environment
  • Radiometers, photometers and spectral radiometers
  • Measurements with several independent systems for maximum reliability