Hermann Lindau & Son, Inc.

Over 80 years in the turf industry, founded in 1956, Hermann Lindau & Son, Inc. is well rooted in the Metro New York turf industry. The founder, Hermann Lindau Sr., is considered one of the earliest Turf Pioneers, harvesting and installing sod on many early projects including the 1939 New York World’s Fair. Today Hermann Lindau & Son, Inc. continues to be a pioneer, with the use of new technology and proven techniques on all types of Sodding and Seeding services. Additional, Hermann Lindau & Son is pioneering environmental friendly beach cleaning for the smaller beach-sand areas. This service is now available with the use of specially design Beach Cleaners that have the ability to access beach areas that in the past was not accessible to larger beach cleaning equipment. wwwLongIslandBeachCleaning.com Walk be-hind Beach Cleaner sales.

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68 Dunlop Road , Huntington , New York 11743 USA

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Service provider
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