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  • ERGELIT Dry Mortar

  • Coating Mortars

    Coating Mortars

    Coating mortars are plastic to soft plastic in consistency. They are used for subsequent recoating of concrete, brickwork or reinforced concrete sections in all situations. The grain-size varies from 0.5mm to 4mm. Coating mortars are applied by hand or mechanically. They are also used for restoring or improving static strength or abrasive strength, raising corrosion resistance and creating a positive or negative seal against groundwater pressure....

  • Masonry Mortar

    Masonry Mortar

    Masonry mortars are stiff to plastic in consistency and are used when laying clinker bricks in sewers and shafts. Berms can be installed using bricklaying mortar. The grain-size is < 4mm. The job of masonry mortar is to join blocks and stone firmly and permanently. Essentially, it transfers stresses and evens out any unevenness between two elements in the construction. The brickwork must be carefully pointed throughout. Where a higher level of...

  • Manhole Shaft Mortars

    Manhole Shaft Mortars

    Manhole shaft mortar is a bricklaying mortar or a liquid mortar with particular specifications regarding strength. It is also used when regulating manhole frames.

  • Grouting Mortar

    Grouting Mortar

    ERGELIT grouting mortars are shrink-free and self-levelling, with excellent compression strength, adhesive strength and tensile strength. Different sizes of particles and the way they are combined based on ERGELIT’s many years of experience guarantee you an economical, powerful and permanent solution to your problems.

  • Pointing Mortars

    Pointing Mortars

    Pointing mortars are stiff to malleable in consistency. The grain-size is < 2mm. Pointing mortar is used to grout joints in brickwork and to grout joints between two sections of pipe, as well as replacing corroded or washed out grouting. Joints between manhole shaft rings are sealed with 2 to 4 cm depth of jointing mortar. Cavities, small defects affecting only a limited area, and cracks can all be repaired with pointing mortar. In man-accessible...

  • Bedding Mortars And Liquid Grout

    Bedding Mortars And Liquid Grout

    Liquid grouts vary in consistency from flowable to thin. They are used as grouting mortars for filling cavities which are accessible from above, e.g. invert channels. Grain-size is < 8mm. Thin liquid mortars are used during relining for grouting the annular space between the plastic tube and the old pipe. Grain-size < 0.5mm. A distinction is made between heavy mortars with a gross density of > 1.3kg per 10cm3 and light mortars with a gross...

  • Tiling with ERGELIT Mortar

    Tiling with ERGELIT Mortar

    Tile laying mortars have a soft plastic consistency. They are used for laying tiles as well as both small and large ceramic or fired-basalt plates with cross studs or ribbing on the back. These are used in sewers in all situations. Once they have set hard, tile-laying mortars are suitable in situations where there is waterlogging from the outside. The plates are usually fixed using a buttering technique. Many tile-laying mortars are also used for...

  • Injection Mortars

    Injection Mortars

    Injection mortar has a soft to runny consistency. It is used when repairing lateral connections by robot, for later sealing of leaking sections, especially in water conservancy areas, injecting cracks, and stabilising the soil in new-build situations. Even quite large leaks can be sealed off with injection mortar, even in the presence of flowing groundwater. Thanks to cement injection technology, large quantities of mortar can be handled in a very...

  • Repair Mortars

    Repair Mortars

    Repair mortar has a stiff plastic to soft plastic consistency. The grain-size is normally 4.0mm. It is used for partial renovation, repair and reprofiling of damaged sections of concrete or brickwork. New elements can be attached or skimmed over with this mortar. Its uses overlap those of pointing mortar and coating mortar.

  • Oil Proofing System

    Oil Proofing System

    ERGELIT-OED 35 is used for coating holding tanks and surfaces corrodedby light petroleum products or grease.