HESS James Craig Hendren

HESS James Craig Hendren

Oil spill training is an important element in EP`s oil spill prevention and preparedness efforts. Studies indicate that a significant number of oil spills at fixed facilities are caused by operator error, such as failing to close valves or overfilling tanks during transfer operations. Because operator error is more likely to be a factor in causing spills, training and briefings are critical for the safe and proper functioning of a facility. Training provides a number of benefits in the area of oil spill preparedness. Proper training of facility personnel can reduce the occurrence of operator-related spills and reduce the severity of impacts when a spill does occur. Training encourages up-to-date planning for the control of, and response to, an oil spill, and also helps to sharpen operating and response skills. HESS offers training courses for conducting proper response measures in cases of onshore and offshore oil spills as well as for oil-storage facilities.

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