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Hettich Instruments, the U.S. subsidiary of Andreas Hettich, located in Beverly, Massachusetts, provides full service and support for North America. We believe in connecting with our customers to provide application assistance, product knowledge, customer support and efficient product delivery.

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100 Cummings Center, Ste 136L , Beverly , Massachusetts 01915 USA

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Andreas Hettich GmbH & Co.KG (Hettich), located in Tuttlingen, Germany, is recognized as one of the top clinical & research centrifuge manufacturers in the world. For more than 100 years, Hettich centrifuges have served many applications in the blood bank, clinical laboratory and research laboratory in hospitals, Universities and government agencies. In addition, Hettich centrifuges are utilized in a variety of applications in the Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage and Environmental markets.

With proven strength and leadership in centrifugation products, Hettich continues to develop and manufacture safe, innovative and technology driven equipment for the clinical & research laboratories.

Hettich offers a full range of products from small benchtop to large floor standing centrifuges including robotic units for easy integration into laboratory automation systems and vortex vacuum concentrators for a vast reduction in sample 
concentration times.

Hettich Instruments, the U.S. subsidiary of Andreas Hettich, located in Beverly, Massachusetts, provides full service and support for North America. We believe in connecting with our customers to provide application assistance, product knowledge, customer support and efficient product delivery.

Hettich Germany

  • Headquartered in Tuttlingen, Germany
  • German engineered and manufactured
  • Family owned and operated for more than 100 years
  • Holds more than 200 design and engineering patents
  • Recognized as one of the top three centrifuge manufacturers worldwide
  • Produces a full range of centrifuges from small benchtop microliter centrifuges to large floor standing models (research and clinical)
  • Strong brand presence in the European market

Hettich Industry Innovations

  • First robotically integrated centrifuge
  • First microprocessor controlled centrifuge
  • Mikro 200 centrifuge used on the International Space Station

Hettich North America

  • Hettich branded products sold within the U.S. for over 10 years
  • North American headquarters established in 2003
  • Located 20 miles north of Boston in Beverly, MA
  • Full on-site service and sales support
  • On-site training and testing facilities
  • On-site product warehouse

Over 100 Years of Quality, Safety and Reliability

The Andreas Hettich success story began in 1904 with the manufacturing of medical instruments. Through continuous discovery in product development and market research, the first centrifuges were developed. Received with great success, the company then dedicated its efforts exclusively to the manufacturing and development of centrifuges customized to user nefeds. 

Over a span of close to 50 years, between 1956 and 2005, Günter Eberle led the company’s development. With his entrepreneurial vision, he was able to tailor technological advancements in its products to fulfill end-user needs. The more than 200 patents held by Hettich are examples of these innovations. 

Today, the company is one of the leading manufacturers of laboratory centrifuges worldwide. With pioneering and innovative business management and consistent quality assurance, Klaus-Günter Eberle looks after the consolidation and continuous expansion of Hettich's market position. 

Hettich centrifuges are known for their quality, safety, reliability and Quiet Operation. At Hettich, all departments are involved in new product development. The open exchange of ideas and suggestions not only promotes team spirit, it breeds productivity. The motivation and commitment on the part of the entire team, clearly reflects the trendsetting product quality. Impressive examples of this include the presentation of the first microprocessor-controlled centrifuges at ACHEMA 1976, and the development of the first robot-operated centrifuges with PC-control and rotor positioning in the nineties. 

Real customer benefits are always in the forefront of product development. Individual customer needs, which are not directly covered by the current product range, are addressed with customized solutions. A 25-person sales and support team across Germany ensures service, maintenance, and specialized consulting and advice on location. Via its subsidiaries abroad, Andreas Hettich GmbH & Co.KG distributes its products in Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden and the USA. Centrifuges from Hettich, however, are used all over the world. In several countries and on all continents, Hettich works closely with authorized distributors to ensure the highest quality of local service and support.

Quality and Safety are the two key attributes that have contributed to the overall growth and success of Andreas Hettich GmbH & Co.KG. Since 1904, these attributes have allowed Hettich to continue to develop and manufacture laboratory instrumentation for more than 100 years, inherently becoming one of the top 3 clinical and research centrifuge manufacturers in the world. 

Our laboratory instruments and accessories are developed in collaboration with users from the fields of medicine, chemistry, industry and research. Hettich also maintains a working applications lab that allows us to develop products that work accurately in your lab. In addition, all manufacturing is done in-house, giving us another advantage in the 
oversight of quality. 

Utilizing the most current technology, Hettich manufactures its products to meet the latest in industry quality standards. Hettich complies with all the relevant EU standards currently in use. All manufacturing stages, from design to end-product development, are subjected to strict quality controls. Evidence is provided by national and international test marks such as IEC 61010 or the CE conformity. The ISO 9001:2000certificate accredited to the entire company emphasizes the responsibility Hettich puts into the manufacturing of its products and accessories. Hettich centrifuges conform to IvD standards (In-vitro Diagnostics), i.e. they comply with the European IvD guideline’srequirements (98/79/EC) and guarantee a standardized level of quality and safety. 

American and Canadian users can also feel confident as the TÜV standard is accepted as a certified domestic accreditation. Hettich’s “cTÜVus” certification is a special North American version of the TÜV mark, recognized by Canadian (SCC) and US (OSHA) authorities as equivalent to UL and CSA. 

All Hettich products go through rigorous in-house testing including crash tests. Product quality tests are supervised by the major governing bodies (i.e. TUV) to ensure the highest level of safety in manufacturing. The metal components that make up our products go through a variety of stress tests and are studied to determine risk and product lifecycle. 

To ensure precision in manufacturing Hettich utilizes laser technology for welding and cutting. This provides us with a reproducibility standard that is accurate down 
to the last part. 

Hettich is also registered with the U.S. governing body of the FDA to ensure user safety. 

Hettich continues in the effort for consistent product quality and safety by individually testing every unit before it leaves our manufacturing facility. Our “5-point quality inspection” ensures all units are delivered safely and accurately. The “5-point quality inspection” consists of an order qualification, a visual inspection, a functionality test, a parts & accessory check and a packaging check.

A positive spin on the Environment: Hettich Instruments.
We take environmental responsibility seriously and strive to continuously improve our manufacturing and operational practices. These intentions start with our company headquarters in Tuttlingen, Germany. The newly constructed office building, completed in 2006, is comprised of many green features and current green building technologies.

For example, one of the key features for the reduction of energy emissions is the self-cooling, naturally ventilated design. Motorized roof skylights and automated aluminum blinds keep the building shielded from direct sunlight. This allows the building to maintain a consistent temperature inside reducing the use of air conditioning. Amongst other building materials and design processes, Hettich made sure the environmental concern started from within. 

In regards to our products, Hettich continues to bring environmental awareness into our product designs:

  • Since 2006, Hettich has been registered in Germany under WEEE Reg. No. DE 92954423 (http://ec.europa.eu/environment/waste/weee/index_en.htm) with the Elektro-Altgeraete Register - Foundation for the implementation of the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act (www.elektrogesetz.com), regarding the disposal of electrical and electronic equipment in the EU.
  • Hettich is RoHs compliant which states that new electrical and electronic equipment distributed in the marketplace does not contain any of the six banned substances: lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, poly-brominated biphenyls (PBB) or polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDE), in quantities exceeding maximum concentration values. More on RoHs (http://www.rohs.eu/english/index.html).
  • Refrigerated products are manufactured using R-404A refrigerant. R-404A is designed to be an environmentally friendly non-ozone depleting refrigerant. R-404A is near azeotropic HFC refrigerant blend rated A1 by ASHRAE (www.ashrae.org) (lowest levels of toxicity and flammability) having zero ozone depletion potential.