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Heyl & Patterson has provided high quality, custom-engineered solutions that are trusted by industries worldwide. Our Bulk Transfer Division is an industry leader in the design and construction of world-class bulk material handling equipment, such as rotary railcar dumpers, train handling systems and barge unloaders. Our Renneburg Division is a market leader in thermal processing equipment, such as fluid bed dryers, rotary dryers and rotary calciners. Heyl & Patterson customers span a wide range of industries, including energy, petrochemical, steel, biomass, agriculture, ports, and mining & minerals, and our Aftermarket Division support these markets with replacement parts, upgrades and retrofits for the life of the equipment -- regardless of the original manufacturer.

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Heyl & Patterson also offers consulting and field service support, as well as a pilot plant testing laboratory for development of the ongoing innovations our customers require and expect. No matter your current or future requirements, you can always trust Heyl & Patterson to engineer, install and service all of your bulk material handling and thermal processing needs.

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Founded in 1887 by Edmund W. Heyl and William J. Patterson, Heyl & Patterson Inc. initially formed as a partnership to provide elevator and conveyor chains, elevator buckets and other material handling equipment. The company quickly set the industry standard for engineering and manufacturing world-class, heavy bulk materials handling equipment. Heyl was the businessman, and Patterson was the inventor.

From Heyl & Patterson's early days, when coal and steel dominated the market to today's technologically sophisticated bulk transfer and thermal processing equipment, the company achieved significant milestones.

In the early 20th century Heyl & Patterson grew regionally as our customer base grew. The expansion of railroads across the United States allowed the company's territory to expand accordingly, from an 'overnight train ride' to New York and Chicago to longer-distance opportunities in the West and South. From the 1930s to the 1950s, the company expanded its reach to encompass all of North and South America, Asia and Australia, serving such industries as chemical, food, steel, pharmaceutical, power, ports, mining and minerals.

The 1960s saw Heyl & Patterson diversify like never before, becoming involved in some very unique projects. Pittsburgh's iconic Civic Arena utilized wheels made by Heyl & Patterson to open and close the world's first retractable dome roof. The NASA space program utilized Heyl & Patterson engineering for its system of blast deflectors at the launch pads at Cape Canaveral, which redirect rocket exhaust away from spacecraft. Heyl & Patterson also fabricated the underground trash collection system at Walt Disney World in Orlando. Through it all, the company developed innovations such as the train positioner to move railcars in and out of rotary dumpers, and the traveling hammermill to break up frozen coal beneath dumper operations.

Heyl & Patterson returned to its core competencies by the 1980s, with continuous barge unloaders for grain along the Mississippi River and the largest capacity fluid bed dryer the company has ever built, which is still in operation. The acquisition of Edw. Renneburg & Sons Co. remains a seminal moment in Heyl & Patterson's history.

Since its beginnings, Heyl & Patterson has fabricated, installed and serviced quality custom engineered capital equipment, while also offering consulting and field service. The company's focus includes the transfer of bulk materials from railroads and rivers, as well as the processing of powders and bulk solids that must be tailored to the environmentally sensitive and production-minded needs of customers worldwide.

Today, Heyl & Patterson continues to evolve with the industries it serves — combining cutting-edge technological innovation with the wealth of experience our customers have come to rely upon and trust to keep their businesses moving.