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Our technology dries building, heated building sites, ventilated rooms, filters dust or temperature tents and rooms for events - safely and efficiently, throughout Germany and Europe. We offer the complete program for construction: mobile heaters, dryers, ventilators, filters, dust control systems and the associated measurement technology as well as cleaning producs. For many years we have been using, treating and moving air - temporary and for various applications. Our technique dries buildings, heats building sites, vents rooms, filters dust or provides the right temperature in tents and rooms for events - safely and efficiently, all-over Germany and Europe. We see ourselves as system provider who provides the business partners with the solutions they need: Mobile machines, accessoires, measuring devices as well as the appertaining processes and methods, with which the desired objective is achieved quickly, effeciently, resource-saving and inexpensively.

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Im Finigen 9 , Achim , 28832 Germany

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Air Monitoring and Testing
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Internationally (various countries)


Our devices correspond to the highest qualitiy standard and ar geared to the tough conditions in practice and 'on the building site' - developed by experts, tested under tough conditions and improved again and again.


We use electrolytically galvanised steels, stainless steels, ABS and other high-quality plastics - materials which stand out for their durability, insensitivity to wetness, cold and warmth, and for their high load capacity. They are robust and resistant to shock and “bumping” which cannot be avoided in everyday handling, and are easy to maintain and care for.


Compact outside dimensions, low weight, large wheels, stable, partially adjustable handles, torsion-free constructions, fork-lift pockets, devices for combining or stacking several devices, cable reel systems and practical accessories ensure high practical suitability and facilitate transport, shifting and stacking of our devices.


Control panels and operating elements, the significance of which is self-explanatory; clearly visible function indicators; simple replacement of filters and wearing parts; rapid release couplings for connecting hose, pumps instead of water tanks - benefits which avoid trouble in practice, and make work and handling of HEYLO devices easy and pleasant.


We certify our products in keeping with valid standards and meet or frequently exceed the requirements. Construction and materials ensure high stability; water and dust tight and partially lockable control panels protect against water, moistness, soiling and against unauthorised access.


We do not only sell, we will be pleased also to advise you in detail before the purchase, and we will try to find the ideal solution together.


We improve our systems continuously with respect to their economic efficiency and use highly modern techniques to make them more economical in consumption, more efficient in action and more environmentally friendly. For us efficiency also means working, handling, caring and servicing our devices and products so easily and uncomplicated as possible.

HEYLO − The partner for professionals

class='list-arrow'> “HEYLO-the expert for pros” is the contact for professionals in trade. Whenever it is a matter of heating, drying, ventilation, and air filtering, we offer our customers not only devices and products for many tasks, but also work out solutions for new complex challenges. Especially drying and renovation of rooms after water damage and the removal of mould requires specific training, specialist knowledge and experience. For this reason we co-operate with experts of the sector only. Trade is supplied through wholesalers. Hiring and restoration service provider are supplied in direct partnership.


Good technical and expert consultation is part of our service naturally as well as the maintenance of the devices, repairs in case of guarantee, short delivery times, quick dispatch of spare parts or, when necessary, the provision of hire devices for our specialist trade partners or rental service providers.