Hi Tech Dairy Equipment Inc.

Hi Tech Dairy Equipment Inc.

Hi Tech Dairy Equipment Inc. is a wholesale agricultural commodity incorporated company in Canada. Hi Tech Dairy Equipment Inc. is coming from a third generation of family agriculture background and more than 20 years direct experience in the dairy industries, AI industry, embryo, equine and grain business. The owners of the company by using their years of direct experience in the agriculture and dairy markets decided to export the superior genetics, livestock and grain from Canada to overseas.

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1633-246 Stewart Green, S.W. , Calgary , Alberta T3H 3C8 Canada

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Agriculture - Livestock
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Internationally (various countries)

Canada is at the forefront of new and innovative research into the grain and genetics, is famous for superior genetics quality of its bulls as well as its strong improvement and genetic evaluation programs. Canada is an internationally recognized source for superior livestock and grain. In the other hand, Canada’s health regulations exceed international requirements and Canada’s climate is excellent for agricultural sectors and it’s resources, because of these advantages, the end users, farmers and breeding centres in the middle east are seeking to buy the highest quality genetics, embryo, live stock and grain from Canada.

To provide a part of request demand for Genetics and embryo from overseas, Hi Tech Dairy Equipment Inc. is exporting genetics products trough its exclusive partner “ Semex Alliance and Bovitec “ into the Middle East.

In export division, we are offering full export service and the delivery of high quality Canadian live stock, genetics product and grain into the international market. Our customers can take advantage of Canada’s reputation for high-health livestock (maintained by both our cold climate and rigorously enforced health regulations).

In import division, we are committed to provide extraordinary customer service and affordable price to the Canadian dairy and poultry farming community for the shipment, warehousing and delivery of in demand internationally sourced agricultural machinery and commodities to help the farmers’ community to produce healthy product.

In both export and import division, we proactively manage our supply chain throughout our clients to listen carefully to their needs with a focus on providing solutions for them and they can enjoy our superior quality agriculture commodities with on time service at a fraction of cost compare to our competitors. We measure ourselves by our client’s success and satisfaction.

Our vision is to offer the most optimized solutions for our clients and create sustained profitable long-term relationships and trust when we give them differentiated services with passion and responsibility.
Ultimately, In export division, we intend to be the leader and maintain positive, steady growth each month in exporting Genetics product and grain to international market in overseas. We will work in partnership with our international clients and suppliers. Our priority is to ensure export of bulls with highest genetic evaluation, genetics products and grain to our international clients and meet their need completely. We will achieve this by being consistent in:

  • Providing outstanding customer service
  • Maintaining Professional team
  • Integrity
  • Offering quality products at affordable prices