Hi-Tech Detection Systems (HTDS)

Hi-Tech Detection Systems (HTDS)

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Services by Mettler - Toledo Int. Inc

  • Validation of Computer Systems

    Validation of Computer Systems

    We support you on-site with planning and implementation during all phases of validation. From assistance with writing the specifications, risk analysis and SOP, through conducting the IQ, OQ and PQ, and finally, with the traceability matrix. Thanks to our years of experience, we can help you through these process steps efficiently and professionally.If you have your own presentation for IQ, OQ and PQ, or your own approach to the qualification steps,...

  • Postal Solutions

    Postal Solutions

    Products for postal applications range from point of sale scales to dynamic weighing and dimensioning, as well as weighing technology which can be incorporated into self-service and sorting systems.

  • Statistical Process and Quality Control

    Statistical Process and Quality Control

    The quality of industrial filling processes varies from 'stable and easy to control' to 'high scatter and difficult to control'. METTLER TOLEDO has a suitable SPC or SQC system to ensure systematic monitoring and control of your filling processes, regardless of the difficulty, helping you to maintain process compliance and to control waste through overfilling.

  • Services For Product Inspection

    Services For Product Inspection

    METTLER TOLEDO Garvens and Safeline are committed to providing world class service and support for the life of your checkweighers, metal detectors and x-ray systems. Our goal is to work in partnership with you to ensure that your lines are always running efficiently and effectively while complying with standards, legislations and regulations like FDA, HACCP, GMP and Retailers Codes.

  • Validation

    If you are a pharmaceutical, biotech, food or beverage manufacturer, you hold yourself to the highest standards of product quality, safety and traceability. You are likely subject to regulatory requirements for equipment qualification and computer system validation, to substantiate that your processes deliver required results. This is not a task for one-off solutions by part-time generalists - trust METTLER TOLEDO expertise for qualification and validation protocols that satisfy the demands of

  • Validation : Laboratory Weighing

    Validation : Laboratory Weighing

    Validation Service Professionals execute software specific protocols that include a comprehensive Installation, Operation, and Performance Qualification. This process will provide you with documentation that your software performs to the specifications under which it was developed. We support your needs in meeting FDA requirements for validated software as defined in 21 CFR 820.3.

  • Validation : Analytical Instruments

    Validation : Analytical Instruments

    Validation covers many areas including: method validation, advice and support can be provided in the development of SOPs. - Computer System Validation (CSV) - postal and vendor audits can be conducted to review the product life cycle and quality processes.

  • Validation : Pipettes

    Validation : Pipettes

    Our validation services make sure that your pipettes always perform optimally, letting you focus on your work. Designed to meet the most stringent requirements in testing and documentation.

  • Validation : Industrial Weighing

    Validation : Industrial Weighing

    The METTLER TOLEDO CSV Pac includes services and protocols to ensure successful validation of our FormWeigh.Net or FreeWeigh.Net solutions in a regulated environment. The validation approach begins with the first meeting, continues through process analysis, writing of Functional Requirements Specifications (FRS), risk analysis, and SOPs, continues with IQ and OQ, and culminates in a ready for production, validated solution.

  • Validation : Product Inspection

    Validation : Product Inspection

    FreeWeigh.Net® from METTLER TOLEDO is a software system for Statistical Quality Control (SQC) that offers GMP 1compliant system validation. It is ideal for Food, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics and Chemicals industries.

  • Validation : Transport and Logistics

    Validation : Transport and Logistics

    Dimensioning and weighing equipment is often crucial for revenue flow and material handling. We offer certified equipment and extensive consulting services for your order to culminate in a ready for production, validated solution. We also provide sealing and alibi storing of data to validate the data capture process.

  • Qualification

    Compliance is a key objective if your company is regulated, producing consumer products or being held to a high standard of excellence by your customers. Qualification provides documented evidence that equipment is properly installed, configured, calibrated and suitable for use in your application. Trained measurement specialists executing the right equipment qualification protocol is essential for instruments subject to FDA regulations and current GLP/GMP standards.

  • Qualification : Laboratory Weighing

    Qualification : Laboratory Weighing

    Take away the guess work when you need to ensure quality and regulatory comliance. Mettler Toledo offers options for fast and professional qualification for balances and moisture analyzer. No time wasted - a quick initial qualification allows you immediately start working with your product.

  • Qualification : Analytical Instruments

    Qualification : Analytical Instruments

    While Equipment Qualification has long been a mandatory requirement in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical industries, today many customers in non-regulated environments also see the clear benefits of having their analytical equipment qualified. METTLER TOLEDO offers Qualification Packages (IPacs and EQPacs) and instrument specific logbooks that come with a wealth of benefits. The main benefit is that this will give you the confidence that...

  • Qualification : Pipettes

    Qualification : Pipettes

    Take away the guess work when you need to ensure quality and regulatory compliance. Mettler Toledo/RAININ offers services that let you focus on your work instead of your pipettes – whether it's for internal quality control, or for an advanced GMP/GLP regulation.

  • Qualification : AutoChem

    Qualification : AutoChem

    Your success is our goal as we are helping chemical and biopharmaceutical companies bring products to market faster, at lower costs and with higher quality.  Our team of service professionals is always available to ensure your system is accurate, available, and operating within specifications.

  • Qualification : Process Analytics

    Qualification : Process Analytics

    Working in a regulated environment, you need to be confident that your instruments are compliant to the latest FDA regulations and USP standards. METTLER TOLEDO Regulatory Compliance Specialists have developed qualification and validation protocols specifically for our instruments. Since we are most familiar with how our instruments are designed to perform and operate, we can complete equipment qualification and support software validation...

  • Qualification : Industrial Weighing

    Qualification : Industrial Weighing

    There is an ever increasing awareness of the need for assurance that products are safe and of a consistent quality. Consequently, as a manufacturer, you must document that processes are proven and that equipment is qualified to produce results that meet specifications. METTLER TOLEDO has qualification protocols and documentation solutions that satisfy the demands of the FDA and other regulatory bodies.

  • Qualification : Product Inspection

    Qualification : Product Inspection

    Professional Equipment qualification can have far reaching impact on your business. If done correctly it will not only supports your facility adheres to the required standards, it will also help you pass your customer audits, ensuring your factory runs efficiently and protects your brand from the impact of a product recalls.

  • Qualification : Transport and Logistics

    Qualification : Transport and Logistics

    For years of dependable operation and maximum uptime it’s important that dimensioning and weighing equipment delivers reliable measurements. METTLER TOLEDO has documented processes to prove that the equipment is qualified to produce results that meet your specifications.

  • Calibration and Verification

    When using a measuring instrument in any process, you must be confident that your results are accurate and within specification. Calibration verifies and documents measurement equipment performance so you can be certain your processes meet requirements. Calibration can also lead to increased production yields, reduced product give-away and over-charges, more consisten product quality, and reduced product liability.

  • Calibration and Verification : Laboratory Weighing

    Calibration and Verification : Laboratory Weighing

    When using a measuring instrument, you need to be confident that your results are accurate and precise. METTLER TOLEDO calibration services deliver this type of confidence. To document the results, we have designed a variety of calibration certificates to meet ISO requirements or other industry standards.

  • Calibration and Verification : Analytical Instruments

    Calibration and Verification : Analytical Instruments

    When using a measuring instrument, you need to be confident that your results are accurate and precise. METTLER TOLEDO performs calibration and adjustment procedures using certified reference materials and tools as well as providing full documentation services ensuring traceability and confidence in your measurement system.

  • Pipette Calibration and Verification

    Pipette Calibration and Verification

    Based on rigorous documentation, extensive training, and long-term proficiency testing, our pipette service centers have achieved the highest level of calibration competency and data integrity when using the gravimetric method. National auditing bodies ensure that the highest calibration standards are being met, so you can focus on your work rather than wasting time on auditing your service provider.

  • Calibration and Verification : Process Analytics

    Calibration and Verification : Process Analytics

    When using a measuring instrument, you need to be confident that your results are accurate and precise. METTLER TOLEDO calibration services deliver this type of confidence. To document the results, we have designed a variety of calibration certificates to meet ISO requirements or other industry standards.

  • Calibration and Verification : Industrial Weighing

    Calibration and Verification : Industrial Weighing

    The value of a measurement is proportional to its accuracy. An out of specification scale can diminish quality, reduce profits and increase liability. Because each installation, environment and use of a weighing system is unique, documenting accuracy is crucial. Proper calibration with traceable weights is the only way to certify accuracy.

  • Calibration and Verification : Product Inspection

    Calibration and Verification : Product Inspection

    Once you have completed the initial installation of your equipment, it is extremely important to verify equipment performance on a regular basis, to adhere to the HACCP based standards, and to maintain efficient operation of your factory. An out of specification metal detector, X-ray system or checkweigher can diminish quality, reduce profits and jeopardise your brand integrity.

  • Calibration and Verification : Transport and Logistics

    Calibration and Verification : Transport and Logistics

    When using a measuring instrument, you need to be confident that your results are accurate and precise. METTLER TOLEDO calibration services deliver this type of confidence. To document the results, we have designed a variety of calibration certificates to meet ISO requirements or other industry standards.

  • Maintenance and Support

    METTLER TOLEDO produces the highest quality equipment designed to give you years of dependable operation. With proper installation, configuration and regular maintenance performed by our highly trained service organization, you will preserve the value of your investment, control costs, increase uptime and help ensure that users are safe and productive.

  • Maintenance and Support : Laboratory Weighing

    Maintenance and Support : Laboratory Weighing

    Each individual instrument has its own impact on your success. With this understanding, METTLER TOLEDO takes a unique approach to designing service solutions. The tailored service plan for your facility should be driven by the impact each individual instrument has on your business goals. Scheduled proactive maintenance by factory trained and certified technicians is key to ensuring smooth routine operation, maximized productivity and dependable...

  • Maintenance and Support : Pipettes

    Maintenance and Support : Pipettes

    Quick and Professional – Our maintenance and support services ensure proper pipette performance at all times. With our 'Preventive Maintenance' program, we can prevent errors before they ever happen – easy and inexpensive. Should something ever do break or go wrong, our 'Repairservice' technicians take care of it quickly.

  • Maintenance and Support : Industrial Weighing

    Maintenance and Support : Industrial Weighing

    METTLER TOLEDO service programs are tailored to meet your business requirements. We help you achieve accurate, safe and effective results, all within your budget. Our service representatives are there at the right time, with the right parts, the right tools and the right skills to meet your needs.

  • Maintenance and Support : Product Inspection

    Maintenance and Support : Product Inspection

    METTLER TOLEDO Garvens and Safeline offer a range of service agreements designed to meet all of your service and maintenance needs. Choose from a wide variety of packages to best suite your application and production requirements. We can also design a tailored service package to suit your specific needs and requirements.

  • Maintenance and Support : Transport and Logistics

    Maintenance and Support : Transport and Logistics

    Proactive maintenance and parts logistics are essential for increasing uptime on your transport and logistics equipment. Our trained specialists provide timely local and personal service, backed by global expertise.

  • Maintenance and Support : Food Retail

    Maintenance and Support : Food Retail

    METTLER TOLEDO retail service solutions provide a full range of service products that are offered individually to allow you to customize your service support. This tailored service offering approach allows you to match your service support solution to your regulatory requirements, operational needs, and overall business strategy.

Services by Waters Corporation

  • Instrument Services

    Instrument Services

    Be Assured. Choose Waters Global Services Waters Global Services focuses on optimizing Waters products with superior service, support, training, upgrades, and Waters Quality Parts®. Only the Waters Service team has the most in-depth and up-to-date knowledge of the advanced science and technologies that provide the foundation for Waters systems. This knowledge enables Waters to maximize system uptime, increase laboratory productivity, and help you...

  • Laboratory Analytics

    Laboratory Analytics

    Waters offers a range of laboratory analytics tools and services for Empower Chromatography Software users that help maximize laboratory resources for increased productivity and cost savings: Empower Driven Services – Provide unprecedented visibility into the utilization, efficiency, and financial implications of your laboratory’s instruments allowing you to identify new cost savings and efficiencies. Empower Driven Services 365 - Supplements the...

  • Informatics Professional Services

    Informatics Professional Services

    Waters® Laboratory Informatics solutions provide laboratories with a foundation for capturing, organizing, and storing scientific information. The end result: Easier data access, which facilitates compliance and aids in intellectual property administration. Our Enterprise Software Solutions team of highly trained, experienced software professionals has the skills and expertise necessary to make your informatics implementation a success. On average,...

  • Preparative OBD Columns Calculator

    Preparative OBD Columns Calculator

    These scale-up tools are designed to provide: Mass load scaling. Gradient scaling with appropriate flow rate scale-up and predicting volume consumption. Calculations for split flow ratios for those using mass spectrometer driven chromatography. Focused gradient UPLC to preparative method transfer.

Services by Peak Scientific Instruments Ltd

  • Service & Support

    Service & Support

    When you invest in a Peak Scientific gas generator you buy more than just a product, the initial purchase is just the start of a lasting relationship with Peak. Peak prides itself on offering the highest level of customer service. In the unlikely event of a breakdown we are here to assist you no matter where you are in the world.

  • Technical Support Services

    Technical Support Services

    Our service and support is always close to hand with offices on every continent and dedicated Field Service Engineers located throughout the world. In the unlikely event of a break down please select your country location from the list below and a member of our team will be on hand to assist you.

  • FlexFlow - On Demand Gas Subscription Service

    FlexFlow - On Demand Gas Subscription Service

    FlexFlow is a unique alternative to traditional packaged nitrogen gas supply for your laboratory, giving you the best of both worlds. All the convenience, safety and consistent supply of a generator, but without the worry of maintenance and ownership, and all for a low monthly cost.

  • Replacement Parts Services

    Replacement Parts Services

    Like all equipment, from time to time replacement parts will be required as part of regular scheduled maintenance, or general wear and tear. We want you to have total confidence in your generator, safe in the knowledge that it is performing to its optimal standard and will have a trouble-free, long life. [Peak Protected] offers a comprehensive Replacement Parts service, with a dedicated team trained to make sure the correct part is provided for your...

  • Services

  • Peak Protected] - World Class Generator Care

    Peak Protected] - World Class Generator Care

    Safeguard your lab gas supply with our range of generator maintenance plans. Dedicated Peak engineers supporting you locally, wherever you are. Flexible payment terms, multi-year and multi-generator discounts. Peace of mind and managed running costs for long hassle-free generator life.

  • 24hr Premium Protected

    24hr Premium Protected

    By listening to our customers and fully appreciating that there are many time critical and cost sensitive analyses being carried out daily, Peak has created a premium support package that offers an unprecedented rapid response to your laboratory within 24 hours* in the event of a technical problem with your generator.

  • Complete Protected Plan

    Complete Protected Plan

    Complete Protected is Peak Scientific’s world-class after sales care package specifically designed to give you complete peace of mind, priority access to worldwide technical support and a guaranteed on-site response time of under 48 hours in the US & UK, in the untimely event of breakdown.*

  • Fixed Price Preventative Maintenance

    Fixed Price Preventative Maintenance

    Periodic maintenance of your generator is essential to ensure that any potential issues, which may occur due to general wear and tear, are avoided and it continues to perform to its specification. To keep your generator operating at its best, Peak Scientific has created a Fixed Price Preventative Maintenance (FPPM) plan, which will help you to better manage your generator’s maintenance costs and minimize inconvenience.

  • Supported Maintenance

    Supported Maintenance

    As with all machinery, maintenance will be required to keep your generator, and indeed your analysis, operating at its best. Supported Maintenance from Peak Scientific is a cost-effective service designed for sites with the resource to perform their own generator maintenance.

  • Replacement Parts and Paid Visits

    Replacement Parts and Paid Visits

    Only genuine Peak parts are tested and approved for Peak gas generators. Reduced downtime with same day shipment from our ISO 9001 manufacturing center. Dedicated Peak Field Service Engineers can visit to fix your generator on-site. Avoid the risk of damage or compromised performance with inferior components

  • Installation & Operational Qualification (IQ/OQ)

    Installation & Operational Qualification (IQ/OQ)

    We understand the increasing need for validation and regulatory compliance. With customer service and support at the very core of everything we do, we have developed a comprehensive Installation and Operational Qualification certification, for customers who require this additional certified assurance for their analytical applications.

  • Product Installation

    Product Installation

    Peak’s installation service offers a convenient and hassle free generator configuration giving you the reassurance that your generator has been set up to function correctly and efficiently.Our install service also benefits you and your lab by greatly reducing the risk of breakdown resulting from incorrect set-up of your generator.The life span of your gas generator will also be assured if...

Services by MC2 Technologies

  • Services


    Since its creation, millions of euros have been invested in high technology equipment allowing a complete measurement autonomy up to 220 GHz, micromechanical machining and microwave assembling. This special organization allows the best control over all the production steps. Gradually, the obtained experience in microwave domains was used to diversify the MC2’s business. The company has acquired mechanical and mounting tools and starts building...

  • Research & Development Services

    Research & Development Services

    R&D is the very core of MC2 Technologies’ activity. The company is involved in several French and European projects as follows: SPIDER : Synthetic aPerture Interferometric raDiometer for sEcurity in cRitical infraStructure (GRANT#674274). In the last few years, security threats on critical infrastructures and soft targets have evolved a lot in Europe; hence a growing need for efficient detection systems which can identify potentially harmful...