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  • Furnaces and Reactors for Treatment

  • Model PP-500 - Plasma Furnace

    Model PP-500 - Plasma Furnace

    Plasma Furnace PP-500 for treatment of Municipal Solid Waste, Biomass, Scrap Tire, Plastic Waste and Biomedical Waste . Plasma furnace PP-500 is universal and used for the treatment and disposal of various waste. It has a capacity to process 500 kg of waste per hour. Plasma furnace equipped plasma arc torches PPT-250AC with a power of...

  • Model PP-100 - Plasma Furnace

    Model PP-100 - Plasma Furnace

    Plasma Furnace PP-100 for treatment of Scrap Tires Waste. Plasma Furnace PP-100 is used for the treatment and disposal of whole scrap tires. It has a capacity to process 100kg of waste/hour. Power used by the system up to 150 кW. The furnace has the following configuration:

  • Model PP-50M - Plasma Furnace

    Model PP-50M - Plasma Furnace

    Plasma Furnace PP-50M for the treatment of Biomedical Waste. Plasma technology provides an effective and safe alternative for the treatmentl of Toxic Biomedical Waste. The process destroys toxic components (germs, viruses, bacteria, etc.), incinerates organic constituents of waste and compact’s mineral residual.

  • Model PR-50 & PR-100 - Plasma Reactor

    Model PR-50 & PR-100 - Plasma Reactor

    Plasma Pyrolysis Reactor PR-50 is used as a basis for the system that treats gaseous, liquid and disperse medical, toxic and chemical waste. Power used by the system is up to 100кW. By products (such as synthesis gas and powder) that are received as a result of the process can be used in other applications. Electric energy generated through the process can be used for various purposes.  33 % of...

  • Model PP-200As - Plasma Furnace

    Model PP-200As - Plasma Furnace

    Plasma Furnace PP-200As for the treatment  of Asbestos and Asbestos-containing Waste Asbestos is known for its carcinogenic effect and poses a serious threat to the human body. However, its use for centuries led to a large quantity of this product contained mainly in a variety of building materials.