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In 1946 when Highland Supply was established, America was experiencing a housing boom and oil was replacing coal as the fuel of choice for home heating. Not long after, we fabricated our first steel fuel storage tanks at our headquarters plant in Pennsylvania’s Laurel Highlands. Initially, Highland Tank produced 275-gallon oval tanks for residential basements. Coincidental to the growth of the home heating oil market, our country experienced an explosive growth in automobile use and the need for fuel storage at service stations. As demand for motor fuel increased, our product line grew to include larger, underground models for gas station use. Soon tank building was a daily occurrence. These early days of tank production shaped our company’s future. Our family owned and managed business formed a humble philosophy that continues to hold true: manufacture a solid product at a competitive price and deliver it on time.

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Water and Wastewater
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Nationally (across the country)
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Over the years, our company has grown steadily and adapted to the social, economic and technological changes that have occurred in the United States. To accommodate our commercial and industrial customers, with careful and methodic planning we continue to expand our facilities. Using the same principle we apply to our business contracts, we face head-on any challenges that arise.

In 1960, a long strike by steelworkers resulted in a steel shortage and created great demand for our products. Demand peaked again in 1973 with the foreign oil embargo, and in 1979 when a natural gas shortage caused people to once again turn to heating oil. The federal regulations for underground storage tanks led to strong tank sales in the 1990’s that continue to this day.

We considered moments like these in our history to be opportunities for expansion, beyond our normal sales growth.        Our product line began to diversify when companies sought oil/water separators to meet more stringent environmental regulations to prevent groundwater contamination. Our newest additions to the most extensive family of products in the tank industry are grease interceptors for the food service industry.

We’re proud of our dedication and diligence in this business, and of our commitment to our customers and our employees. Manufacturing high-quality steel storage tank products is what we know and what we do very well. That’s why Highland Tank leads the industry with innovative design, quality materials, superior craftsmanship, and excellent customer service.

From design through delivery, installation and well into the life of your Highland product, Highland Tank is committed to providing you, our customer, with the best professional service possible. By utilizing our knowledge, capabilities, and experience to meet your needs, Highland Tank remains dedicated to providing you with dependable, quality products and services at competitive prices.

Our team of support personnel are available to assist you with solutions to your field service needs. We are the only manufacturer whose skilled maintenance experts will visit your site to troubleshoot any problems that may arise before, during, or after installation. We are also there when you need us for any unexpected problems that might occur after installation. Our fully equipped field-service technicians are capable of performing:

• Owner Training

• System Troubleshooting

• System Inspection, Repairs, or Modifications (including confined space entry and on-site welding)

• Painting and Coating Repair

The combination of Highland’s professional know-how and dedication makes us the best choice for your next storage tank, or wastewater treatment system project. Contact one of our locations below for field service-related questions.

Experience - A tradition of uncompromising craftsmanship and an unparalleled commitment to provide solutions to even the most challenging storage tank projects has made Highland Tank the leader in the steel tank industry. Engineering depth, state-of-the-art equipment and skilled craftsmen have provided the tools needed to maintain this dedication to quality production.

Capability, Capacity, Commitment - Highland Tank has facilities strategically located to serve our core markets in the United States. Our team works with the proper tools and latest technology to help build the customized products required in today’s world. Steps are constantly being made to keep Highland Tank on the cutting edge. Even in economic times when many companies are cutting back and downsizing, Highland Tank is committed to our clients. We have even added a brand new facility, which will allow us to build larger, heavier tanks and vessels that are in demand. This new facility is just one more reason why Highland Tank remains the leader in steel tank manufacturing.

Quality Assurance - All of our products are backed by our helpful support staff to ensure quality throughout every phase of your project. Highland’s team of professionals in design, engineering, fabrication, sales, delivery and service provide you with outstanding solutions for your liquid storage challenges. Our goods undergo strict quality control processes and are readily available from our national distribution network and six manufacturing facilities.

Manufacturing area:  

296,000 ft2 at six locations

Maximum Physical Fabrication Size:  Horizontal tanks: 70,000 gallons

Vertical tanks: 57,500 gallons

ASME pressure vessels: 60,000 gallons

Maximum diameter: 14'
Maximum length: 90'

Steel rolling: up to 1-1/4' thick

Product Transportation: - Highland Tank takes product delivery seriously. We have our own fleet of trucks and team of experienced drivers. Your product will be in the hands of people who transport oversized loads every day, taking pride in timely delivery and providing Highland’s signature service.

The Steel Advantage - Steel is the material of choice at Highland Tank because of its many advantages, and it should be yours too. As a construction material, steel is strong, affordable, reliable and environmentally friendly. Steel’s unique combination of properties and characteristics enable it to achieve performance levels required in today's storage tanks.

Specified for Strength - We buy steel according to our own strict guidelines and meeting rigid ASTM specifications. Our fine-grain mild-carbon steel provides superior toughness and surface quality that offers both weldability and improved corrosion resistance. The time-tested strength and performance of steel remains unparalleled.

Steel’s structural integrity can withstand extreme weather conditions or natural disasters. State-of-the-art fabrication technology, welding, linings and coatings reinforce the durability of Highland’s mild carbon and stainless steel products.

Environmental Benefits - Steel is 100% recyclable and has the highest recycling rate of any durable material in the United States. Unlike concrete or plastic storage tanks, even those reinforced with fiberglass, recycled steel storage tanks ultimately keep a valuable commodity out of the nation’s landfills. In addition, the latest recycling processes drastically reduce industrial emissions by over 70% to air and water, accompanied by a reduction of approximately 30% in the amount of energy required to produce new steel. Highland Tank products will form an integral part of your “green” building.