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  • Service & Repairs

    Service & Repairs

    To meet the requirements for exceptional process stability combined with high operational safety, HILLER was quick to create a highly effective ESSENTIAL SERVICING CONCEPT. Our wide variety of servicing packages is optimally designed to meet the current needs of our customers. A key factor here is HIGHLY FLEXIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE with wide-ranging specialist knowledge from...

  • Engineering Services

    Engineering Services

    Perfect interaction - all system components from a single source: En route from raw product to finished product, the Hiller decanter is an important key to success, but it is not the only one. The appropriate design of the peripheral components as well as the perfect interaction of all plant and process components are also of critical importance. Hiller GmbH undertakes the entire engineering process for you, from installation planning to project...

  • Decanter Drive Solutions

    Decanter Drive Solutions

    Hiller offers different drive systems, chosen in accordance with the separation task, the decanter size and customer's requests. All Hiller drive concepts stand out due to their very good ease of operation, reliability and and high screw conveyor torques (at a lower differential speed in relation to the bowl). All drive systems are also available for ATEX applications in EX zones.