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Himark BioGas Inc. is a leading Waste-to-Energy technology and engineering services company. Himark has over 13 years of in-depth experience and operational know-how in bioengineering; anaerobic digestion and microbiology; mechanical and electrical engineering; project development and management; soil science, fertilizer and farm management; and algae technologies. With offices in Edmonton, Barbados, Nebraska, Karachi and Singapore, Himark is helping its clients develop the world’s most economical and state of the art biogas capability. It does so with its internationally-patented technology and also through services focused on feasibility studies, project design, engineering and construction, commissioning, and rescue and resuscitation of Himark’s competitors’ digesters which are not working properly. Himark has invested over USD $ 30 million in research and development, to develop cutting edge waste-to- energy technologies for its clients.

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Agri-Food Discovery Place , Building F-83, 6020 - 118 Street , Edmonton , Alberta T6G 2E1 Canada

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Energy - Waste to Energy
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Globally (various continents)
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Highmark maintains an intensive R&D program backed by investments totalling more than $30 million in research facilities, demonstration projects, intellectual property protection, and knowledge acquisition. Ongoing R&D initiatives focus on improving the commercial application of IMUS™ technology, enhancing digester productivity, reducing production and operating costs, and optimizing bioProduct yield. Highmark establishes long-term relationships with each of its prospective clients. In doing so, Highmark ensures the ongoing technical and economic viability of all projects.


Highmark BioGas develops and licenses IMUS™ anaerobic digestion technology that is capable of processing large volumes of high-solid organic waste.

·     Open-pen feedlot manure

·     Sand-laden dairy manure

·     Poultry, hog & other livestock

·     Stillages

·     Slaughter waste

·     Food processing waste

·     Pulp & paper sludge

·     Municipal solid & wastewater


IMUS™ has been refined through more than a decade of research and practical experience.

IMUS™ can be applied to unique waste management challenges internationally and has been commercially proven to:

·     Maximize revenues with marketable products and ‘green’ energy.

·     Reduce costs by avoiding disposal fees and eliminating fossil fuel energy charges.

·     Enhance environmental performance by diverting landfill wastes and destroying pathogens.

·     IMUS™ technology has been operational at Growing Power Hairy Hill and Western Plains Energy.