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Scientific and Production Company «HIMIPEX OIL» develops new technologies and chemicals. At present time we have developed, and we produce novel multifunctional corrosion inhibitors of «DEFENDER» series of 5th generation, which we offer for protection the metal equipment from corrosion and for removal pipelines from deposits. Using DEFENDER inhibitors help to avoid such financial losses, as: - the acquisition, replacement and unplanned repairs of equipment and pipelines, which are broken-down by reason of corrosive destructions; - the ecological fines, court claims and so on; - the implementation of obligatory procedures related with land recultivation and reservoir protection etc; - the performing the regulatory directions of health, safety, and environment authorities.

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Geroldsauerstrasse , Baden - Baden , Baden-Württemberg Germany

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Oil, Gas & Refineries
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Globally (various continents)


Innovative Corrosion protection and control for oil and gas sector

Polyfunctional corrosion inhibitors DEFENDER

  • reagent for anticorrosion protection of equipment;
  • reagent for the washing off of the oil ARPD;
  • reagent for the removal of mineral deposits;
  • reagent-dispersant for solid deposits of oil parffins;
  • reagent for the removal of mechanical deposits (clay and sand) and corrosion products

Corrosion inhibitors technological and operating characteristics

  • high washings properties (products wash off heterogeneous deposits from the internal surfaces of equipment and pipelines);
  • high thermostability (up to 300°С, or 570°F);
  • high antioxidant properties;
  • low temperatures of freezing (minus 50-55°С, or minus 58-67°F) etc.

Low corrosion inhibitor dosages

  • from 1 ppm for oil and gas processing;
  • from 5 ppm for oil and gas production and its transportation

Corrosion Research and Testing Center
Provides full scientific and technical support for customers

Ecological safety

Biodegradable corrosion inhibitors

Corrosion protection of gas and oil producing enterprises

Gas and oil producing enterprises – for the corrosion protection of downhole equipment, loop lines, oil and gas gathering systems, intra- and inter-field pipelines, tanks, vessels, pumps, etc., and also for the removal of asphaltene paraffin deposits.

Corrosion protection of gas treating enterprises

Oil and gas treating enterprises, including gas processing plants (GPP), – for the corrosion protection of unified oil treatment plant (UOTP), gas complex treatment plant (GCTP), crude preparation plants (CPP), and gas fractionation plants (GFP).

Corrosion protection of crude oil pipelines

Crude oil pipelines – for the corrosion protection of inner surfaces of pipelines, reservoirs, tanks, equipment of the injection pump stations, etc., and also for the removal of asphalt-resin-paraffin depositions.

Corrosion protection of Oil refinery plants (ORP)

Oil refinery plants (ORP) – for the corrosion protection of condensation and refrigerating equipment (CRE) of crude oil distillation units.

Corrosion protection of Oil absorption plants (OAP)

For the protection of working surface areas of OAP equipment from corrosion and formation of coke-tar deposition.

Successful fight against corrosion in the oil and gas industry

Corrosion of metal equipment in oil and gas industry is a large and complex process that leads to significant economic losses for the oil and gas companies. Intense corrosion of metal equipment in the oil and gas industry is observed at all stages of production: at the metal downhole equipment for oil and gas, at the intra- and inter-field pipelines for pumping produced fluids, gathering and treatment systems of produced oil and gas, pipelines and tankers for crude oil transportation, at installations for processing oil and gas, as well as at metal equipment for transportation of light oil products through pipelines and by sea. Effective corrosion protection of metal equipment in oil and gas industry requires corrosion research and corrosion testing to determine the cause and corrosion rate. One of the most simple, efficient, cost-effective methods of corrosion control is using corrosion inhibitors. Corrosion inhibitors are applied in the oil and gas industry to prevent corrosion of metal equipment of wells, corrosion of oil and gas pipelines, corrosion of metal equipment of oil refineries, corrosion tanks for storage of crude oil and petroleum products, corrosion of containers sea transport ships. Each specific facility and the corrosion issue require careful studies and approach to the selection of corrosion inhibitor that will work effectively in the concrete conditions for corrosion protection in oil and gas industry. Corrosion Research and Testing Center successfully develops and conducts tests of corrosion inhibitors for oil and gas industry.