Since more than 50 years, we work on the progress of the automotive industry. We stand for movement and security on the street. For us that means flexibility, reliability and innovation. Our specialty: Contacting- and connectorsystems, sensorsystems, special cable assemblies and overmoulded technology. If it is about standard products or individual customized solutions, our product spectrum ensures reliability under the most extreme conditions and in highly demanding areas within a vehicle. Worldwide, around 4.500 brilliant minds work for the success of Hirschmann Automotive.

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Oberer Paspelsweg 6-8 , Rankweil , 6830 Austria

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Energy - Renewable Energy
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Globally (various continents)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Industrial Sensors
We developed a new generation of sensors for the industry. They work contactless and make it without wear parts. If it’s about standard sensors or customized solutions, our sensors deliver exact values under most difficult conditions. The scope of application is huge and vary from automation technology and energy supply to aviation and aerospace industry. Thus we are responsible that our sensors provide precision all over the world.

Renewable Energy
We are responsible not only for today, but also for the generations to follow. That’s why we are committed to sustainable technologies. In 2010 we set up our Renewable Energy division with a view to improving connection technology for photovoltaic systems in line with a development philosophy of fresh ideas. In this way we have taken our understanding of mechatronic modules and connectors – which can withstand even the most extreme temperatures and weather conditions – to the next level. In the process, we are contributing to more effective utilisation of solar energy.

Achieving goals together
The foundation of our everyday processes and decisions are customer-specific requirements and in-house arrangements. However, entrepreneurial action requires tolerance. A common value-system supports employees to correspond to ethic and legal requirements at the daily work and act with responsibility.

Due to the continuous expansion of the production sites it is necessary to define which values affect the common and cross-site acting. Our values and principles reflect the specific needs of an ethic and corporate orientation as well as the principles of the automotive industry. With our values and principles we want to support the integrity and corporate culture referring to the increasing complexity of the judicial and social framework. This is the basis for a transparent, efficient and a legal conform corporate management. These principles are an essential element of the management system of the Hirschmann Company Group.

Growth can only be attained together.

Principles of our business ethics
Our common values – respect, preparedness for reaction, results – are the principles, which we incorporate in our work and on which we focus in our behavior. They define our responsibility to the whole environment of the company (customers, owners, colleagues, suppliers…) and are relevant for the whole organization. We live these values – day after day.

We act frankly, honestly, and fair. We take for granted that everybody acts on one’s own responsibility and keeps with our agreements. Thereby we establish long term trusting relationships.

Communication and Respect
We treat people with dignity and respect. We openly share information among each other, give feedback and listen to each other. Our environment embeds us in a continuous learning process. This enables all employees – independent of their cultural background, gender or status (or social ranking) – to unfold their full potential. Everybody contributes with its individuality to our variety. This represents our understanding of social responsibility.

Quality and Innovation
We aim for innovation and quality in all our processes. We commit ourselves to a zero-defect philosophy (see also „Quality Approach“).

By using modern technologies we consider the attentive utilization of the natural resources. The defined methods of production and established checks help us to abide and continuously enhance our environmental ambitions (see also „Environmental Approach“).

Technology and Efficiency
We consider our technology not as an end in itself but as an instrument for efficient production and to achieve a unique selling proposition. Thereby we aim for maximum standardization (e.g. technology, processes, energy efficiency, material efficiency, software…). We want to continuously optimize our value creation with interdisciplinary and proactive participation in continuous improvement processes (CIP).

We admit to an active risk management based on the identification, evaluation and rating of known risk potentials. To proof our Company Group from damage we derivate acceptable actions.

Quality approach
Our quality approach develops from the company principles and the strategic success factors and applies to all locations of the Hirschmann Company Group. It describes our strategic objectives concerning quality management.

Zero-Defect Philosophy
Hirschmann admits to zero-defect philosophy and achieve this through continuous and targeted improvement processes (CIP). Due to consequent process orientation and -evaluation, we achieve the determined goals.

Protected Processes
We emphasize protected processes and work on preventive to avoid failures instead of fault clearance.

Customer Requirements
To achieve customer requirements with secured processes and competitive prices are basis for our decisions and our actions.

Failure Management
We admit to an open and fair failure management. We learn from failures and correct cause of defects immediately.

Satisfied Customers
We want satisfied customers. We realize this goal with high quality products according customer prospects.