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  • Flue Gas Treatment

  • Xerosorp - Dry Scrubber

    Xerosorp - Dry Scrubber

    The Xerosorp process removes acidic gases by adsorption with sodium bicarbonate. Due to the very high reactivity of sodium bicarbonate, only little overdosing is required which minimizes reagent consumption and residue generation. In addition, activated carbon or coke can be injected for removal of volatile organics and metals. The process is nearly independent of temperature and thus allows optimizing the total process to maximize energy recovery

  • Xerosorp+ - Scrubber

    Xerosorp+ - Scrubber

    The Xerosorp+ Process Combines the Advantages of the Dry Scrubbing Process and Low Temperature SCR-DeNOx System. The Xerosorp+ process is the optimized combination of the Xerosorp and the low temperature SCR-DeNOx processes. If highest removal efficiencies are required for ash, acid gas and NOx, the Xerosorp+ process is the solution with lowest reagent consumtion, lowest residue generation, highest energy efficiency and most compact...

  • Model HZI - Semi Dry Scrubber

    Model HZI - Semi Dry Scrubber

    The HZI SemiDry process employs the principle of the circulating fluidized bed for efficient removal of acid gases by adsorption with hydrated lime. Recirculation of reagent maximizes reagent use and provides excess reagent to capture contaminat peaks. In addition, activated carbon or coke can be injected for removal of volatile organics and metals.

  • Model HZI - Wet Scrubber

    Model HZI - Wet Scrubber

    Wet scrubbing is the most effective method for removing acid gases from even heavily burdened flue gases and achieving lowest emission levels. It also assures excellent removal of fine particulates and aerosols. Consumable usage rates and residue quantities are minimised. The contaminants are captured by providing intensive contact between the flue gases and water. Depending on the specific functions of each scrubber stage this may be by injecting the...

  • Model HZI - Condensing Scrubber

    Model HZI - Condensing Scrubber

    In addition to the advantages of the Inova Wet Scrubber, the Condensing Scrubber allows additional heat recovery by means of condensation of the water vapour contained in the flue gas. This allows overall EfW plant energy efficiencies of up to 100% or more (on a Lower Heat Value basis). Energy recovered from the condensing scrubber is at a moderate temperature level and may best be used for district heating or in connection with heat pumps. Depending...