We design, develop, manufacture and sales of all kinds of professional industrial inspection cameras for different applications: *Side view rigid inspection camera for cavity wall tie, rot, pet, barrel inspection, property inspection *HD video inspection cameras for daily inspecting of car engine, cylinders, valves, diesel injectors and glow plugs, panels and dashboard for electrical wiring and connections problems, corrosion and wear in hard-to-see areas *Articulation borescopes and articulated endoscopes for engine, tank, safety box, contractor inspection *Articulating pipe inspection cameras for sewer drain duct plumbing inspection *Pipe inspection cameras for chimney, swimming pool, sewage, sewer, drain, duct, plumbing and other underground pipes inspection *Besides, the inspection camera as part of the inspection/diagnosis tools/instruments is widely used in NDT(Non-destructive Testing) and mechanical diagnosis.

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Articulating Borescope

●720P HD articulating camera head adjusted up to 300 viewing angle

●Mini 5.8mm waterproof flexible camera tube

●Insertion tube length100mm or 200mm for options

●Adjustable 6 high intensity LEDs on camera head

●5 inch TFT display

●7 navigation buttons on the main body for functional partition

●Photo and video recording function when the memory card is installed

●Image still function in PHOTO status

●Support Micro SD card MAX. 32GB

●Built-in rechargeable Li-battery for 5hours

●Multi-language support

Dual lens endoscope

This product is designed with a front view camera as well as a side view camera, together on single camera probe, it is simple to switch the viewing direction by simply pressing a button to switch from 0 degree to 90 degree or vice versa to unveil the internal objects and/or structures with the illumination of the highlight LEDs, it is specially suitable for cavity wall inspection,sewer lines, HVAC ductwork, aircraft and automotive engines/cylinders inspection, and many more where a dual lens endoscope is required.

Main Features:

●720P HD Dual cameras

●Snake tube with outer diameter 5.5mm

●Insertion tube length 2m standard

●6 light-adjustable LEDs on front view camera head and 1 light-adjustable big LED on side view camera head providing light up to 1meters

●Waterproof level: IP67 (camera tube only)  

●5 inch high contrast color LCD display

●7 navigation buttons on the monitor for functional partition

●Photo and video recording function when the memory card is installed

●Image still function in PHOTO status to pause to observe/select the best picture to save

●Support Micro SD card MAX. 32GB( optional, excluding SD card)

●Built-in rechargeable Li-battery for long working time up to 5hours

●Multi-language support

●Portable and convenient to use