Holding company menschen group

Holding company menschen group

Brand sorbent: IRVELEN-M. Our sorbent is best in the world. 1 kg can absorb up to 27 kg of oil. Velocity saturation: 1 second. Bulk density: 120-180 kg per 1 m3. Class of danger: safe, does not require compulsory certification. After squeezing and extracting our oil-soaked sorbent can be reused for at least 40 times. Taking into account the regeneration 1 kilogram IRVELEN-M can absorb up to 1080 kilograms of oil. Our sorbent is effective as a filter for water in storm runoff. He has an optimum bulk density.Can hold the metal ions. If we compare our sorbent with others, with IRVELEN-M, you can save up to 500%. For example. Price IRVELEN-M: 18,5 USD per 1 kg. This is without regeneration. So that the efficiency IRVELEN-M is evident. Minimum order: 5000 kg.

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Kemerovo , Leninsk-Kuzneziky , 65250 Russia

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Water and Wastewater
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Globally (various continents)
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Over 1000
$100,000,000 US - $1,000,000,000 US