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Holtec International is a global turnkey supplier of equipment and systems for the Nuclear, Solar, Geothermal, and Fossil Power Generation sectors of the energy industry. We are fundamentally an “innovation” company, developing nearly all of our technologies in-house using proven design and fabrication control processes backed by a rigorous quality assurance program. Our goal is to help our clients solve their most challenging problems through innovative thinking, practical engineering, advanced fabrication processes, and experienced site implementation teams. We are actively engaged in deploying our world-class solutions to help the energy sector meet the challenges of a growing demand for clean, safe, reliable and affordable energy production through the application of advanced power generation technologies.

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Holtec International continuously achieves the highest quality and safety standards in the industry

Adopting every conceivable measure to ensure the physical protection of the Company’s associates and contractors is the foremost responsibility of Holtec International’s executive leadership. Although industrial mishaps are mercifully rare, in our country, they have not been entirely eliminated, which has prompted the USNRC to issue a Policy Statement on nuclear safety. This NRC Policy Statement is a succinct message on safety that should be read and internalized by the management and workers in all industries. To ensure that this NRC declaration reaches as many workers as possible (and all Holtec associates), it has been reproduced below in a highlighted format.

Holtec’s Safety Doctrine, enunciated in the five principles noted below by the Company’s CEO, is fully aligned with the NRC’s policy statement. This doctrine has been the guiding beacon in formulating the Company’s continuous drive since the 1980s to reach an ever higher plateau of safety of its workforce.

Holtec International adheres to stringent quality and safety standards. Holtec International’s proven quality assurance (QA) program and safety record have been tested through successful implementation of projects for more than a quarter century. Developed from a vast collection of detailed written procedures and instructions, the company considers its QA program vital to the proper functioning of its nuclear projects.

Our commitment to innovation

Innovation_Davit CraneHoltec has a long and storied history of implementing a variety of innovative, engineered solutions to meet the needs of our clients, overcoming technical challenges posed at sites worldwide. When faced with unique and unprecedented challenges, Holtec’s skilled staff of experienced engineers and designers devises safe, effective, feasible and cost efficient solutions that work within the constraints of the plant design.

Holtec’s innovative solutions provide our clients with flexible alternative strategies for implementing our products, eliminating the need for costly plant modifications and upgrades. Holtec’s patented Davit Crane, pictured to the right, prevented a domestic commercial nuclear power plant from performing a major structural overhaul of the fuel building and crane. Holtec developed the Davit Crane to operate within the restrictions of the client’s existing building, ultimately saving the utility tens of millions of dollars, while safely and effectively implementing our solution.

Holtec’s spirit of innovation has propelled the Company to the forefront of technical leadership in our industry. Holtec’s technical leadership is evidenced by our patent portfolio, which includes over 60 patent applications worldwide, with more than half have been issued as patents. We are continuously investing in research and development to grow our portfolio of innovative technologies and manufacturing processes.

Our Mission

The men and women of Holtec International hold the following articles as our solemn covenant with our stakeholders around the globe:

  • We dedicate ourselves to developing technologies that protect public health and safety and provide utmost protection to the workers who use the structures, systems, and components provided by us.
  • We will maintain our corporate focus on developing technologies that help protect the environment by producing pollution free energy.
  • We consider resources dedicated to research and development to be the company’s seed corn for future growth. Considerations of short-term profits must take a backseat to nourishing next-generation technologies.
  • We will continue to apply our technical ingenuity to devise systems, structures, and components that strengthen our nation’s infrastructure against the monstrosity of the kind that visited our land on 9/11.
  • We treat every project as a solemn undertaking in which on-time performance and superb quality of goods and services are non-negotiable requirements. We will continue to build on our worldwide reputation for rock solid performance.
  • We expect unimpeachable integrity from Holtec employees in all of our dealings with clients and the regulatory agencies governing our products and services.
  • We will remain committed to fostering a stimulating work environment wherein every company associate has the opportunity to realize his/her professional potential to the maximum extent.
  • We will remain a learning organization, never resting on our laurels, forever striving for a higher plateau of excellence.


In addition to compliance with numerous laws and regulations, Holtec International aims to live up to the highest ethical standards we proclaim. Holtec International’s Code of Ethics Manual supports our approach to business practices and defines our ethical principles. The Manual summarizes the Company’s requirements pertaining to the ethical and legal responsibilities of all Company personnel while conducting the Company’s business. It also establishes the positions and responsibilities to be appointed by the Company’s Executive Committee and Board of Directors to maintain and enforce the Company’s policies.