Homeland Safety Consultants, Inc.

Homeland Safety Consultants, Inc. was founded by safety field experts who realized that increased construction safety mandates would create a market need for qualified site safety management. In response to an increase in construction related injuries and fatalities, the City of New York has been implementing stricter safety regulations and increasing their staff to better enforce such rules. Homeland`s team of qualified safety professionals works closely with our clients so they can comply with these regulations, saving money, reducing project downtime and ultimately saving lives. This dedication to construction safety as well as our involvement in fire safety and emergency preparedness makes Homeland Safety a comprehensive safety company and a fixture in the safety industry for years to come.

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130 William St. 6th Floor , New York , New York 10038 USA

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Consulting firm
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Health and Safety
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Internationally (various countries)
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Homeland Safety has helped its clients keep their projects safe, which has saved them money, reduced project downtime, and resulted in fewer on-site accidents. Our construction site safety management program and training meets and exceeds all federal, state, and city mandates. As a NYC DOB authorized school we offer most required construction safety training classes. We can also provide DOB required safety plans, risk management assessments, Fire Safety Plans and training, and Emergency Action Plans and training. All the information you need for a smarter, safer work site can be found right here.

The mission of Homeland Safety Inc. is to save lives. This is achieved by providing specialized services that promote safety, health and security for construction, businesses, public buildings and schools through safety monitoring, training and emergency preparedness. These services include construction safety, OSHA and NYC safety training, fire safety and emergency preparation training. We give people the confidence needed to live their lives at home, work or school.