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  • Process & Environmental - Combustion Monitoring

    HORIBA is a global leader in high quality, accurate, cost-effective emissions monitoring and analysis. These products are ultimate in dependability, reliability and available as stand alone analyzers, full continuous emissions monitoring systems (CEMS) or versatile portable analyzers.

  • HORIBA - Model GPS5 - Gas Sampling System

    HORIBA - Model GPS5 - Gas Sampling System

    HORIBA gas samplers are suitable for volume-correct taking of gaseous samples during emission and emission measurements. This device can be used wherever gases and gaseous components must be inspected.

  • HORIBA - Model PG-350E - Portable Gas Analyzer

    HORIBA - Model PG-350E - Portable Gas Analyzer

    Laboratory-precise five components gas analysis, anywhere according to DIN EN 15267 - 3, DIN EN 14181. Approved as Standard Reference Method (SRM) for: CO (DIN EN 15058). O2 (DIN EN 14789). NOx (DIN EN 14792).

  • HORIBA - Model SMA-371 - Datalogger

    HORIBA - Model SMA-371 - Datalogger

    The HORIBA SMA-371 data logger can be used both, in the online and in the offline operating mode. In the online operating mode you attach the data logger directly to the serial interface of the PC. In this case only instantaneous values are processed. On the basis of the instantaneous values the further processing takes place in EDA-2000. If only the measuring data from a HORIBA PG-250 and no further analogue values are required, the HORIBA PG-250...

  • HORIBA - Model VA-3000/VS-3000 - Multi-Component Analyzer

    HORIBA - Model VA-3000/VS-3000 - Multi-Component Analyzer

    From environmental monitoring to developing new energy sources and chemicals for the new era, gas analysis systems are faced with needs and challenges that have changed dramatically over time. Responding to these new needs, HORIBA has developed the VA-3000, the versatile gas analyzer that's ready for the future. A single analyzer is now capable of measuring a wider selection of gas components utilizing many different types of sensor technology....