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  • Process & Environmental - Gloss Checker

    For more than 20 years HORIBA has lead the field of gloss meter instrumentation. Today in excess of 50,000 HORIBA Gloss Checkers are being used around the world. On the strength of this experience HORIBA gloss checkers are the recognized standard instrument, especially in the floor maintenance and stone processing industries.

  • HORIBA - Model IG-410 - High Gloss Meter

    HORIBA - Model IG-410 - High Gloss Meter

    The IG-410 measures ultra high gloss surfaces such as polished metal. The meter has ten times greater measurement range than the conventional model. Even mirror finishes can be measured too.

  • HORIBA - Model IG-320 - Gloss Checker

    HORIBA - Model IG-320 - Gloss Checker

    Gloss is a surface's attribute of directly reflecting light and the degree of this reflected light is termed glossiness. The IG-320 measurement angle is set at the 60° standard angle allowing discerning even the lowest levels of gloss and provides a definite numerical value for glossiness. The IG-320 provides accurately and instantaneously measurement from low gloss matte surfaces to the highly polished texture for such operations management areas...

  • HORIBA - Model IG-331 - Gloss Checker

    HORIBA - Model IG-331 - Gloss Checker

    Designed for greater ease of operation, maintain clean surfaces and improve quality control inspection in various industrial applications. High efficiency and flexibility utilizing a separate detector and light source, offers the ability to switch between 60 degree measuring angle for standard gloss measurement, and 20 degree measuring angle for high-gloss surfaces with gloss values over 70. The flexible connection between the probe and display unit...