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  • Environmental Health and Safety

  • Confined Space Entry Training

    Confined Space Entry Training

    Industries that require activities held on confined spaces should take the Confined Space Entry Training courses. The courses will help students abide by federal guidelines and help understand the basics of confined space entry and the safety measures needed to avoid accidents.

  • Construction Safety Training

    Construction Safety Training

    The Construction Safety library for construction workers and contractors uses state-of-the-art technology to deliver training online. The courses satisfy the compliance training needs of students with the advantage of having a flexible study schedule and location.

  • Forklift and Heavy Equipment Training

    Forklift and Heavy Equipment Training

    Get your fundamental training for Forklift and Heavy Equipment Operation. The courses will provide you with the basic knowledge on how to operate heavy equipment such as forklifts. Equipment also differs slightly in actual operations so employers will still provide hands-on training on the job site. Take the Forklift and Heavy Equipment Training now to increase your chances of getting hired!

  • Hazwoper Training

    Hazwoper Training

    The HAZWOPER Training programs will teach students how to protect workers when in hazardous situations. Our courses are designed to comply with the extensive federal regulations to ensure the safety and the health of workers. Train with us now and receive your certification.

  • Asbestos Safety Training

    Asbestos Safety Training

    The Asbestos Safety Training teaches students the proper handling of asbestos, a hazardous substance widely used in the construction industry because of its heat-resistant properties. This course introduces the students to the hazards of asbestos in the workplace and provides information about the measures that must be taken in order to minimize the effects of exposure to asbestos.

  • Environmental Compliance

    Environmental Compliance

    The Environmnental Compliance library will help satisfy and standardize all your environmental compliance training needs. Training is done 100% online so you can access your courses anytime with just a computer and Internet. The courses come with a printable certificate upon completion.

  • Industrial Hygiene

    Industrial Hygiene

    The Industrial Hygiene course teach students how to deal with hazardous substances in order to avoid the negative effects on health. This includes the use of personal protective equipment, cleaning procedures in the event of exposure to hazardous materials, first aid procedures and recording an incident of exposure in the workplace.

  • General Safety Training

    General Safety Training

    Our comprehensive library of safety training courses for workers in the general industry and manufacturing are delivered online through state-of-the-art technology and satisfy the compliance training needs of students with the advantage of a flexible study schedule and location.

  • Commercial Green Building Training

    Commercial Green Building Training

    The Commercial Green Building courses at prepare students to practice their craft in compliance with the US Green Building Council. The courses are USGBC-recognized and adhere to USGBC standards.

  • Green Building With Steel Training

    Green Building With Steel Training

    The Green Building with Steel courses provide students with the necessary skills and knowledge to get and maintain their US Green Building Council credentials. Our training courses comply with the standards of the Green Building Council.

  • Surface Miner Training

    Surface Miner Training

    The online Surface Miner Training is designed in compliance with MSHA Part 46 regulations. Our courses will help miners learn safety and protective measures when doing activities in mines. The MSHA requires all miners and other contractors who work at surface mines regularly to abide by the rules of MSHA Part 46 and take a mine safety training course.