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  • Data Protection Seminars

    Data Protection Seminars

    The idea of offering seminars on data protection was the initial impetus for the founding the HSM Academy. These seminars are aimed primarily at HSM dealers. The goal is to get to know this highly sensitive issue in detail and provide the end customer with the right advice regarding the appropriate size of his document shredder and the correct security level.

  • Service Training Courses

    Service Training Courses

    Our service training is aimed at training service technicians and service personnel. The training content is tailored to your needs. The focus is on operation, maintenance and repair of HSM products.

  • Training to Become a Certified Service Technician

    Training to Become a Certified Service Technician

    Upon request, the HSM Academy offers service technicians and other professionals the possibility of obtaining an additional qualification as a “Trained HSM Service Technician”. Only with this certificate can authorised technical work be carried out on HSM machines. All necessary skills are taught for putting HSM machines into operation as well as for maintaining and repairing them.