HSM – Cutting. Shredding. Compressing. Since 1971, HSM has been pursuing a clear strategy – a consistent commitment to quality “Made in Germany”. This product and service quality is the key to success in both the office technology and environmental technology business sectors. As a specialist for products and services for data protection as well as technologies for optimising logistics and recycling processes, HSM is one of the world’s leading providers of shredders and balers.

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Waste and Recycling - Recycling Systems
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Globally (various continents)
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HSM develops, produces and sells products and systems for compressing materials as well as for cutting and shredding paper and electronic data media.

Hermann Schwelling Maschinenbau GmbH + Co. KG was founded in 1971 in Salem and started a year later with the sale of the first baling press for cardboard.

Like many other successful companies in the world, the development of the company began humbly in a small workshop. Today the office technology product range includes cutting machines, document shredders, shredder-baler combinations and cardboard perforators.

In the corporate division environmental technology, the portfolio includes vertical, horizontal and channel baling presses (balers) up to a pressing power of 150 tons as well as PET solutions. The portfolio also includes configuration and implementation of system solutions for shredding and pressing various valuable products such as paper, foil, cardboard, composite materials, PET, foams, car tyres, hard plastics, etc.

HSM has three manufacturing plants in Germany (Salem, Frickingen, Reichenbach) and a joint venture in China for production of document shredders in the entry-level price segment. There are subsidiaries in the USA, England, France and Poland. In a worldwide distribution network, HSM employees collaborate with sales and service points in more than 100 countries.

More than 40 years ago, Hermann Schwelling founded the company Hermann Schwelling Maschinenbau, known as HSM. The founder started his company with the idea of reducing the volume of recyclable materials.

With this idea the first HSM baling press was created in 1972 with a pressing power of 6 tons. Today the product range of baling presses / balers extends up to 150 tons of pressing power. At the same time, HSM developed cutting machines and shredders for paper and data media such as CDs, credit cards and hard disks, thus covering the entire cycle of shredding, cutting and pressing.

Quality “Made in Germany” is very important for HSM because it continues to enjoy an excellent reputation internationally in the age of globalisation.

HSM became a market leader for products and services in environmental technology and office technology through the dedication of its employees.

Roughly 700 employees and more than 100 service and sales centres are incorporated in the HSM network all over the world.

Facts and Figures:

  • Founded: 1971
  • Founder, Owner & Managing Director: Hermann Schwelling
  • Employees: approx. 700, of which 74 are trainees
  • Office Technology turnover: approx. 55%
  • Environmental Technology turnover: approx. 45%
  • Export share: approx. 70%

HSM relies on production in Germany and the quality statement “Made in Germany”, which usery s associate with precision, durability and a good price/performance ratio.

HSM produces both office technology and environmental technology at three locations in Germany

  • In Salem an area of approximately 50,000 m² is available, of which 15,000 m² has been built on. There are a number of departments at this plant: development of baling presses / balers, configuration, logistics, electrical engineering, planning, work preparation, crusher manufacturing, assembly of large presses and plastic production. The production is equipped with a modern machine park where quality plays an essential role.
  • At the Frickingen plant, final assembly of the document shredders “Made in Germany” takes place. Furthermore, it is also the location of office technology development, central administration, sales, marketing, HSM Academy and customer service.
  • Reichenbach is near Dresden and is the centre of know-how for the production of vertical baling presses / balers used for compressing cardboard or foil. The “V-Press” series products and small horizontal presses are produced for customers around the world. In Reichenbach, HSM produces systems for reducing the volume of recyclable materials in the food, packaging and beverage industry. These systems include presses for emptying full tetra packs, cans, bottles, yoghurt containers, etc., to name just a few packaging types.

Pioneering spirit means having ideas and making decisions with courage and a willingness to take risks. When a company is successful on the market for decades, internationally established and growing steadily, then the pioneering spirit has found its fulfilment.

Hermann Schwelling is a pioneer. He founded HSM in 1971. The founder started his company with the idea of reducing the volume of recyclable materials. Later HSM developed cutting machines and shredders for paper and data media such as CDs, credit cards and hard disks, thus covering the entire cycle of shredding, cutting and pressing.

It includes the values of flexibility, quality, confidence and corporate social responsibility. From the sum of these values, a common understanding has developed of how HSM would like to act internally and in regard to its business partners.

Great Products, Great People.

Social engagament- ecology - economy
Every company affects jobs, products and services with its activities. HSM is aware of this responsibility and considers the potential impact on people, the environment and economic factors – both at HSM and in regard to customers – when making decisions.

Social engagement
Social responsibility at HSM is aimed at people who are in contact with us or need support. We provide high-quality jobs at our sites and allow employees to take part in our success. The climate at HSM is based on mutual trust, loyalty and open, honest communication.

HSM supports a number of regional projects, such as youth summer camps or facilities for the disabled. HSM also provides financial support for UNICEF, the Caritas children’s charity foundation in Germany, the Rancho Santa Fe orphanage in Honduras and earthquake victims in Japan. Since our devices and systems process material from nature, we also want to make a contribution in this regard and support a reforestation project in Guatemala of the tropical forest foundation OroVerde.

In terms of sustainability, HSM is mindful of job security for future generations and offers training in more than ten different careers in the fields of technology and business management. More than 80% of trainees remain at HSM after completion of their training. We view this high rate as confirmation of our corporate philosophy. The reconciliation of work and family is also important to us. With flexible working time models, parents like to return to HSM after parental leave.

HSM puts its ecological thinking into practice through energy-saving measures. These include recovery of heat from production machines for heating of factories and offices and the use of geothermal energy. HSM emphasises short transport distances between places of manufacture and using transport packaging more than once. Metal shavings are recycled and plastics are re-granulated. HSM commits itself to carrying out regular environmental audits in accordance with EN ISO 14001:2004.

In terms of “economy”, we focus on cost savings in the use of our systems by the customer, because we know that companies must act economically and ecologically. This is achieved with frequency-controlled drives, reduction in waste disposal costs through the use of an HSM baling press instead of a container, best-possible truck utilisation through high-density bales and the use of recyclable materials.