HST Systemtechnik

HST Systemtechnik

HST Systemtechnik

HST develops and manufactures all products in cooperation with qualified suppliers in Germany. Our fundamental conviction for the future is networking. Using IT and automation, we create integrated communication in the water and energy industry between all of the machines and systems in order to be able to intelligently control them on a large-scale. Only when all of the installations in a system work together in a coordinated fashion, is the result optimal. Since water is an excellent energy storage medium, we have, of course, planned developments for using hydropower and wastewater heat. Water is a precious resource. It is the basis of life for humankind and nature. Accordingly, supply and disposal have taken on a key role worldwide when securing peace, growth and prosperity. With our creative and solution-oriented engineering developments, we want to play an active role in designing environmental protection.

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Heinrichsthaler Straße 8 , Meschede , D- 59872 Germany
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Water and Wastewater
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Globally (various continents)

The HST team consist in more than 100 experts from different fields of specialisation whereof ca. 70 are highly qualified technical staff (civil, mechanical and electrical engineers, computer scientists, environmental engineers, etc). All of our projects are coordinated and reviewed in our corporate headquarters in Meschede, Germany. Within the company strict quality standards are taken into account and an obligatory documentation system is maintained as intranet solution accessible to all employees of the company.

Furthermore HST is active member of several associations like i.e. ATV/DVWK and organises regular trainings and seminars for both employees and clients to come up with the latest national and international developments. HST has successfully developed from a small niche supplier with view products (at first only mechanical water quantity and water level controllers) to a system provider with innovative products and solutions within the water sector. HST has adapted the business model in order to provide flexible, economical and sustainable system solution. The lead holding HST Systemtechnik GmbH is organised according to the specific fields of specialisation (see chart on next page): stormwater equipment, sewer works equipment, treatment plant design and equipment and integrated IT products (process control technology, operational data logging and interpretation, facility and operations management and maintenance).