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HudsonAnalytix Software

  • TMSALogix


    A dynamic and purpose-built solution, TMSALogix enables shipping companies to optimize business practices, increase charter revenue while improving compliance and conformance with key regulations and commercial guidelines.

  • ThreatLogix


    ThreatLogix is a web-based threat assessment software solution that provides your CSO and SSO with the information necessary to address real-time threat assessments and meet ongoing ISPS code requirements.

  • PortLogix


    Developed in partnership with HudsonTrident, PortLogix is a real-time risk assessment solution for monitoring safety and security threats at international ports. The system allows users to access current reports and data and key regulatory information.  With PortLogix users can take a more proactive and cost-effective approach to managing port and property security needs and requirements.Included in this comprehensive system are numerous tools...