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Hy-Lok USA

Hy-Lok USA, Inc. is the American master distributor of Hy-Lok Corporation, a global industry-leading provider of valve and fitting solutions. With over 30 years of experience on the forefront of instrument valve and fitting technology, Hy-Lok is proud to offer a wide and comprehensive range of high-quality valves and fittings, competitively priced and highly customizable for every specification and requirement for every project.

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14211 Westfair West Rd. , Houston , Texas 77041 USA
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Water and Wastewater
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Globally (various continents)
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Hy-Lok Corporation, our parent company, was founded in Korea in 1977. Since then, the company has experienced tremendous growth, earning a reputation as the highest quality instrument valve and fitting company in Asia. The company incorporated in less than a year since its founding. Hy-Lok Corporation was listed on the KOSDAQ Market in 1989.

In the 1990s, Hy-Lok Corporation began expanding its operations internationally. Hy-Lok Europe was established in 1995 in Rotterdam, Netherlands, followed by Hy-Lok USA a few years later. In the 2000s, Hy-Lok began establishing itself all over Asia, including Hy-Lok Asia in 2001, and Hy-Lok China in 2007. In 2008, Hy-Lok also qualified as an official vendor by Exxonmobil Nigeria.

Currently, Hy-Lok is a true global company, with operations on every continent as a leading provider of valve and fitting solutions.

Hy-Lok USA was founded in 1997 in Texas to act as a master distributor to bring the Hy-Lok Corporation product line to North and South America. In June 2001, Hy-Lok USA was purchased by the former management team of Mobile Valve and Fitting Company. Our team, along with its associates, brings together over 100 years of sales and service experience in instrumentation valve and fitting products.

Hy-Lok USA’s formula for success is the result of offering a comprehensive mix of competitively priced, high quality products backed by outstanding customer service. As an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, we follow a continuous improvement philosophy, constantly revisiting all of our processes to offer you the best valve and fitting solutions every time, for every project.