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  • HDPE Pipe & Fittings

  • Hy-Pro - HDPE Piping Systems

    Hy-Pro - HDPE Piping Systems

    Our sales department has the technical expertise to assist in design, supply and installation of HDPE piping systems. Our Idaho fittings plant has the capacity to produce many of the HDPE products that you will need for your project. In addition, our other fitting manufactures complete our fitting line up. Our standard supply is from .75” to 63” but we can supply larger sizes and metric sizes.

  • Hy Pro - HDPE Fusion Equipment

    Hy Pro - HDPE Fusion Equipment

    The Hy-Pro Plastics Group, our professional fusion technicians are certified with McElroy equipment – the leader in HDPE fusion equipment. They are experienced with a wide variety of projects such as water and wastewater treatment plants, landfills, process piping and pipelines.

  • Laboratory Equipment

  • Hy-Pro - Fume Hoods

    Hy-Pro - Fume Hoods

    Hy-Pro Plastics fume hoods have been specifically developed to meet the demanding safety, energy conservation, and operational requirements of the modern laboratory. All fume hoods are designed using proven aerodynamic and ventilation concepts, are manufactured to exacting standards.

  • Other Products

  • Hy-Pro - Acid Gas Scrubbers

    Hy-Pro - Acid Gas Scrubbers

    Hy-Pro Plastics can supply acid gas scrubbers which are custom-designed to provide removal efficiencies in the range of 95% to 99% for acid and toxic gases with a low pressure drop.

  • Hy-Pro - Dual Containment HDPE Piping System

    Hy-Pro - Dual Containment HDPE Piping System

    This is a completely a fused homogenous High Density Polyethylene System. We design the containment pipe to handle the pressures of the primary carrier pipe to ensure complete containment of the liquid material within the system. As this is already a fused HDPE pipe, dual containment offers a “belt and suspenders” attitude. Although failures for HDPE piping systems are very rare, sometimes products such as brine...

  • Hy-Pro - Dual Laminate Pipe Fittings Systems

    Hy-Pro - Dual Laminate Pipe Fittings Systems

    We manufacture dual laminate piping systems in our British Columbia location. The type of thermoplastic pipe is chosen due to its corrosion/failure rate for the liquid material in the pipeline. This bonding is designed to overcome vacuum, handle pipe pressure and overcome thermal expansion.

  • Hy-Pro - Pre Insulated Pipe

    Hy-Pro - Pre Insulated Pipe

    We are an Agent/Distributor for URECON Pre-insulated pipe. We can supply insulated steel pipe for steam and condensate return lines, heat-traced steel pipe for grease systems for restaurants, heat-traced plastic pipe for water and sewer systems, snow melt systems and industrial process piping. Any situations where temperature maintenance is required, we can assist in the design, supply the piping and assist in installation.

  • Hy-Pro - Post Indicators & Hydrants

    Hy-Pro - Post Indicators & Hydrants

    We supply two brands of post indicators and hydrants. American Flow Control’s Darling Hydrant, introduced in 1962, exceeds all requirements to AWWA C502. United Water Products manufactures a high quality hydrant to the strict standard of AWWA C502 and is rated at 250psi. American Flow Control – 5 1/4″ B-84-B-5 Standard Features

  • Hy-Pro - Valves

    Hy-Pro - Valves

    Hy-Pro Plastics have many valve suppliers to draw from. We supply valves made from HDPE, carbon steel, ductile iron and stainless steel.

  • Hy-Pro - Stainless Steel Pipe – Fittings

    Hy-Pro - Stainless Steel Pipe – Fittings

    Many projects that we supply have a variety of piping systems – from plastics piping systems to metal piping systems. We endeavor to supply a complete package. We can supply epoxy-coated steel and stainless steel piping systems.