HYDREO Engineering

HYDREO Engineering

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  • Design Services

    Design Services

    Hydreo Engineering teams of engineers, technicians and skilled workers who possess a wealth of knowledge to tailor products to your needs. The very latest engineering tools and 3D modeling software allow us to create cutting-edge designs to meet your specific needs, all while staying within your budget and meeting your deadlines.

  • Work On Site Services

    Work On Site Services

    Hydreo Engineering team is capable to manage either small installations as well as large and compmlex structures. They are experienced working with crane ships up to 500 TON and installations  at difficult sites  (mountains, rivers). They also conduct the testing of the installations and manage the start-up of operations.

  • Manufacturing Services

    Manufacturing Services

    In addition to modern machinery, a production hall of 3000 sqm and a total lift capacity up to 84000 daN, HYDREO ENGINEERING possesses a vast knowledge and experience in manufacturing products in a wide variety of different materials..