Hydria Water AB

Hydria Water AB

Hydria Water AB sells and markets products and solutions for wastewater treatment. Together with our sister company, we have long experience and knowledge and provides products, installation and service. All development, design and production takes place in Sweden, with close collaboration between vendors, designers and installers. We have since the 60th century supplied equipment for treatment plants worldwide.

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Ödegärdsgatan 4 , Borås , 504 64 Sweden
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Water Treatment
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
1,000,000 - 10,000,000 €

Hydria Water delivers quality products for waste watertreatment manufactured by our subsidiaries VA Teknik Sweden and Mellegård & Naij. With Swedish innovation and quality, energy efficient products and sustainable solutions, we strive to be the preferred choice and provide the wastewater treatment of tomorrow.

All the hard work that we put in today contributes to our vision, a cleaner world.

Our brands are VA Teknik Sweden and Mellegård & Naij AB;

VA Teknik Sweden’s name is well known in the Scandinavian water market. The company is the market leader in Sweden in the fields of sludge scrapers and equipment for sedimentation tanks.

MN Mellegård & Naij develops and manufactures mechanical equipment for water treatment and sewer management worldwide.

Hydria Invest

Hydria Water included in the Boras based group Hydria Invest. It is a family-owned group with an emphasis on the Swedish-made quality products for ventilation and water treatment. The Group also has a number of service companies. Read more www.hydria.se

VA Teknik Sweden – innovative solutions for a cleaner world.

Our products are market leaders. With Swedish innovation and quality, energy-efficient and sustainable solutions, we want to be the obvious choice in water treatment.

VA Teknik Sweden AB is a Swedish company whose name is well known in the Scandinavian water market. The company is the market leader in Sweden in the fields of sludge scrapers and equipment for sedimentation tanks.

VA Teknik Sweden has delivered sludge scrapers around the world to more than 4,000 applications during the last 40 years.

Our salespeople, technicians and engineers are ready to help you to meet your needs for safe sedimentation and sludge transportation in sedimentation basins. Rectangular or circular it doesn´t matter!

Practice Areas

Water and sewer treatment

Swedish water treatment technology has high international reputation. VA Tech’s management has a stated goal to maintain a quality level which corresponds to that reputation. Our activities are currently focused on marketing and sales of engineered products and agency products within the water and sewer.

Sludge Scraper Technology

Separation of sludge in sewage treatment process is done by sedimentation in tanks, either rectangular or circular. Pool type often depends on national traditions. In Scandinavia, the rectangular shape. Rectangular tanks can be equipped with chain scrapers or linskrapor.

The most common equipment in circular basins are peripheral drive sludge scraper with a dock, but we can also offer a chain driven sludge scraper for circular basins.

Common peripherals in sedimentation basins are floating sludge deduction of various constructions depending on pool shape and scraping equipment. Our specialty is automated, motorized floating sludge gutters for rectangular sedimentation tanks.

Lamina Sediment

An important complement to the traditional sedimentation technique is lamina sedimentation. We can, through our partner GEA 2H in Germany offer TUBEdek, a flexible sedimentation programs for both rectangular as circular basins.

Biobed Equipment

Bio spreaders and media for trickling filters provide opportunities to complete deliveries of both multipliers and media or just media alone or diffusers alone – according to customer needs. Our Biospreaders with adjustable cups and conical hatch is a proven and safe product, GEA 2H’s media PLASdek and BIOdek of trickling filters. Together with VA Teknik and GEA 2H’s combined expertise, we provide our customers safety when biobed be built or renovated.

Mellegård &; Naij AB is a Swedish company that manufactures and sells finegrating and equipment for the sandmanagement for sewage treatment and others. We possess a competence based on knowledge and experience and today we have our market worldwide.

We can offer the best and most modern machines for the inlet part off the wastewater treatment plant or to comparable efforts in the industrial water treatment. We offer high quality products with long life, tailor made for each. plant and associated good service. We are driven by innovative thinking and after a long time in the industry, we can provide that extra edge in procurement, supply, installation and service when the product is in operation.

We have worked with mechanical removal and cleaning equipment since the mid 80’s when our main product stair grille introduced. Our Cross Screen XS and other equipment based on our collective experience ever since. Steps grille seems simple but requires great experience. Our Cross Screen is the most modern, most powerful and comprehensive economic the grille on the world market.