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  • VA-Teknik - Trickling Filter Equipment

  • VA Teknik - Rotating Distributors

    VA Teknik - Rotating Distributors

    Energy efficient waste water treatment is the future. Biological treatment and nitrogen ammonia removal by use of trickling filters is both an ­environmental friendly and cost efficient process. Trickling filters are ­returning in popularity due to the fact that activated sludge processes are significantly higher in operational costs than a pump required for operating a rotating distributor. VA Teknik rotating distributors for trickling...

  • VA Teknik - Media for Trickling Filters

    VA Teknik - Media for Trickling Filters

    Biological treatment is a close cooperation between water, air and bacteria’s. The single decisive factor for a trickling filters result is how big of contact area between air and water you have. Our trickling filter material PLASdek and BIOdek has a structure that gives a large and effective contact area between air and water. One single cubical meter contains a contact area up to 243 square meters!.