Hydro Tek Systems, Inc

Hydro Tek Systems Inc. has been manufacturing high quality cold, hot and steam pressure washers since 1985. We design and engineer our pressure washers and cleaning equipment with high grade, top-quality components increasing reliability and performance producing a system that `Cleans Fast and Outlasts`. Our innovative pressure washers, recycle systems and cleaning equipment is the most reliable on the market and the chosen equipment by industry professionals like Industrial, Commercial and Contract Cleaners, Heavy Construction, Fleet Maintenance, Agricultural and Government agencies.

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2353 Almond Avenue , Redlands , California 92374-2035 USA

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Water and Wastewater
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Internationally (various countries)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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As we look back on more than two decades of growth and development from our humble beginnings, we appreciate every customer who has participated in our journey to excellence.

In 1985 one man’s vision became the symbol of reliability in an emerging pressure washer industry. Driven by a passion for building equipment and innovative thinking, John Koen created Hydro Tek Systems. Focusing to provide the most durable and fastest cleaning pressure washers with an impressive look and style that has never been compromised and which has earned Hydro Tek Systems the reputation as one of the industry’s leading manufacturers.

From concept to delivery of our products, every Hydro Tek team member takes pride in ensuring that our customer’s expectations are met. Continued emphasis on research and development, increased efficiency through demand flow processing, and cellular-lean manufacturing techniques allows Hydro Tek Systems, Inc. to provide unmatched value in today’s competitive global market place.

Our success in the pressure washer industry has led us to the continued expansion of our product offering that now includes Hydro Loop ® wash water recovery and recycling systems to preserve one of our most precious resources…water.

As founder and President of Hydro Tek Systems, John is able to lead our team with an engineering background in addition to the management expertise required to run today's manufacturing business. This results in unmatched quality and durability portrayed in every Hydro Tek machine… Experience the difference.

Put the cleaning power of water in your hands with industrial strength washers and recycle systems built and backed by an innovative team that cares to provide the best value, reliability, and cleaning performance. Our purpose is to help more people experience the satisfaction of making their environment a cleaner place with less work using power washing equipment

Hydro Tek Vision:

  • Create the Obvious Choice

Hydro Tek Guiding Principles:

  • LEADING EDGE INNOVATION:Imagine possibilities and create value in design. Seek knowledge in understanding the competencies to produce only product considered the best in the world.
  • CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT and EFFICIENCY:The persistence for self-improvement and the pride of a job done well gives life purpose and meaning. Embrace smart technology for high efficiencies.
  • EXCELLENCE IN REPUTATION and INTEGRITY:Earn and keep the trust of the customer. Do what is right and honest even when no one is watching, we are part of a brand that is something special.
  • SHARED SUCCESS:Our people are rewarded with a stake in the outcome for hard work, customer satisfaction, and a refinement of excellence in ourselves and the look/function of our products.