Hydro-X Water Treatment Ltd

Hydro-X Water Treatment Ltd

Hydro-X Water Treatment Ltd

Hydro-X Water Treatment Ltd offers the following in support of Legionella Control: the supply of risk assessment services; water treatment services; hot and cold water monitoring and inspection services; cleaning and disinfection services; training services; and plant and equipment services to ensure compliance with current health and safety legislation in the control of legionella.

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Eden Place Outgang Lane, Dinnington , Sheffield , S25 3QT United Kingdom
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Service provider
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Water Treatment
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Globally (various continents)
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Environmental Compliance Services for Water and Air

Specialising in Legionella Risk Assessments

Hydro-X Water Treatment is a specialist in Legionella Risk Assessments and control, Water Hygiene, Cooling Water Treatment, Boiler Water Management and Plant Equipment Servicing and Training, offering individually tailored solutions to each client.

Legionella Risk Assessments

The Hydro-X legionella risk assessment has been devised to be easy to follow by anyone with a basic knowledge of a domestic water system. Our assessments are carried out by fully qualified risk assessors and are in compliance with the HSE approved code of practice (ACoP L8) for the control of Legionella.
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Water Hygiene

Our legionella risk assessments are a key part of our water hygiene services, which also include outlet temperature monitoring, de-scaling and chlorinations, water storage tank inspections, water storage tank inspections, and all your other water hygiene needs.
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Cooling Water Treatment

Our organic cooling-water treatments are based on the latest polymer technology and are designed to give the best possible performance. read more: cooling water treatment

Boiler Water Management

Our Hydro-X service teams are fully trained to monitor your systems, providing on-site analysis of your water quality.
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Plant Equipment Servicing

We offer full service visits to check and maintain operational efficiency read more: plant equipment servicing.

Hydro X was established in 1984 and is a privately owned UK company with links to fifty Hydro-X companies worldwide. The international network ensures Hydro-X remains at the cutting edge of Water Treatment products, services and solutions.

With regional offices conveniently located close to the major industrial centres across the country, we firmly believe that customer care is paramount and when combined with product quality and our membership of Construction Line, BACS, ISO9001 accreditation, and most importantly CHAS, will give you the confidence to discuss your problems with us knowing we have the experience to offer help and advice in a professional manner. Individuals also have membership of The Water Management Society.

In addition to being the company name, Hydro-X is also the name given to our original Boiler Treatment product that was developed in Denmark and first marketed throughout Europe. Today the Hydro-X process is available world wide and there is not a single branch of industry in which Hydro-X as a treatment system is not involved.

This includes some of the world’s largest combined heat and power/district heating Plants. The product is unique and nothing of this type is manufactured by any competitor. Hydro-X (UK) has national cover.

We provide, or formulate for specific applications, a wide range of chemicals and products for cooling water and the treatment of all types of water systems including cleaning and de-scaling chemicals.

In addition, we supply plant from the simplest water softener, to the most complex high purity water systems. Also, we will give you a full plant design and construction package. We give preference to UK sourced equipment where we can, knowing that as time goes on, and when maintenance issues may need to be considered, we can provide you with the quickest and most effective replacement service.

Our directly employed service teams provide a full and professional service to all water users, be they Industrial, using cooling or boiler wate, Hospitals or Council buildings using domestic water services and district heating plants.