Hydroacoustic Technology Inc. (HTI)

Hydroacoustic Technology Inc. (HTI)

HTI manufactures hydroacoustic (sonar) fisheries research equipment, specializing in acoustic tags, acoustic tag receivers and active hydroacoustic systems. We also conduct hydroacoustic research in oceans, lakes, and rivers, and at hydropower dams, estuaries, shipping locks, or anywhere an accurate assessment of fish abundance or behavior is required. Fisheries consulting and equipment for research at dams and hydrokinetic structures around the world. Detect and/or track fish behavior in fine-scale 2D/3D in the forebay, turbine, and tailrace.

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711 NE Northlake Way , Seattle , WA 98105 USA
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We can help you with:

  • Acoustic Tags, Receivers, and Data Loggers
  • Split-Beam Hydroacoustic Systems (Echo Sounders)
  • Consulting
  • Short Courses / Training / Workshops
  • 24/7 Customer Support

We’re committed to our clients, their work, our people, and to innovation. And with that, our team of
scientists, engineers, and technical personnel continue to provide world-class tools for fisheries research.    

Pioneering Hydroacoustic Technology
HTI engineers and biologists pioneered acoustic tag and hydroacoustic equipment designs, research applications, and data collection and analysis techniques. HTI's senior scientists each have 15-30 years of experience in hydroacoustics, and have authored hundreds of technical reports and publications on the topic. Our creative approach and diverse background in the use of hydroacoustics enables us to develop novel solutions to fisheries evaluation challenges.

World Leader in Fisheries Research
HTI’s motivated staff of technical and administrative personnel supports all HTI and client project operations, in locations as diverse as Alaska, New York City, Finland, New Caledonia, Brunei, New Zealand, and the UK. HTI’s consulting team has completed hundreds of assessments across the globe.


We are dedicated scientists, engineers, data analysts, and technicians (and we love what we do).
We’re driven. HTI continues to pioneer hydroacoustic equipment designs, research applications, and data collection and analysis techniques. Our people know that each client’s success depends on our ability to listen, understand their objectives, and our ability to deliver. We work together to enable our clients and empower our team so that our collective efforts can translate into continually improved techniques and better research tools for everyone involved.

HTI's staff consists primarily of fisheries biologists, engineers, data analysts, technicians, manufacturing pros and administrative personnel. Over the last 20 years, we’ve worked together all over the world and we’ve built relationships along the way - relationships with our clients who entrust us to be their partners, and relationships within our company. On average, a consulting division team member has been with HTI nearly eight years. Fortunately, our working history and diverse personalities seem to bring out the best of each other’s abilities.

Our senior-level personnel and managing owners each have over 25 years of experience in fisheries acoustics. They continue to conduct behavioral research on fish, the majority with juvenile salmonids at and near hydropower dams and rivers along the West Coast of the U.S. Our senior-level personnel have conducted hundreds of major acoustic tag and hydroacoustic assessments at dams with 500 kW to 1200 MW output, in rivers from 100 to 300,000 ft/sec. If you’d like to learn more about some of their work, they’ve authored literally hundreds of publications (several of which are available on this website).

And yes, it’s true. We love what we do...and we’re dedicated to our work. Our love of fisheries research is part of what motivates us. It contributes to a fun and productive synergy. We also believe that it is why HTI continues to be at the forefront of acoustic technology.