Hydrobios Apparatebau GmbH

Hydrobios Apparatebau GmbH

As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of smart sampling equipment Hydro-Bios offers solutions for all oceanographic and limnic environments. Whether the task is to sample water, plankton or sediments you can get a large variety of instruments. One of our specialties are plankton nets, from small and simple to the well established, unique Multi Plankton Sampler MultiNet. The latest nets in our portfolio are a Manta Net for Microplastic sampling in calm waters and a Neuston Catamaran for Microplastic sampling in heavy seas. Furthermore we supply a wide range of water samplers, from Niskin bottles, Ruttner water sampler to advanced Carousel/Rosette systems in different sizes complete with CTD probe and other sensors. For sediment sampling we offer bottom samplers and single or multiple traps. Reliability and precision are our core intentions when developing and manufacturing our products.

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Am Jägersberg 5-7 , Altenholz , 24161 Germany
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Water Monitoring and Testing
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Globally (various continents)
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HYDRO-BIOS has its seeds in the small enterprise, “Walter Schweder Precision Engineering”, founded in 1927. In these early days the company focused on the production of small limnological samplers for water, bottom and plankton sampling.

In 1960 the legal form was changed and the company received its new name: HYDRO-BIOS Apparatebau GmbH. In 1963 Hans Fischer joined the company, initially as factory manager – the success story begins with the relocation of HYDRO-BIOS to a new building at its new (and current) address in Kiel-Altenholz.

The following years are characterised by increasing activities for the development, manufacturing and world-wide distribution of an increasing portfolio of mechanical samplers for limnology and oceanography. The company expands with an additional building located at a neighbouring plot.

Since 1980 HYDRO-BIOS is a completely family-owned company.

The eighties are characterised by the installation of our own electronics department with expanding use of computers for circuit and board design, resulting in increasing application of electronics inside our instruments.

The nineties are defined by the implementation of computer aided design (CAD) for our engineering department and the introduction of microprocessor technology at our electronics department – an electronic mile stone.

Since 2005 the mechanical design of our products is based on full three-dimensional computer aided design (3D CAD) with extended use of the digital models for computer aided manufacturing (CAM).

The addition of the second floor to our company building in 2012 meets the challenges of continuously growing business. It doubles the space of our electronics department and nearly triples our plankton net sewing workshop.

The simultaneous installation of a photovoltaic rooftop power station, together with our well established block heat and power plant, meets the concerns of environmental protection and cares for our improved green carbon footprint.

HYDRO-BIOS is the leading manufacturer of high quality sampling equipment for hydrography, science, research and environmental monitoring in marine environments.

Achieving accurate data, based on faultless samples is the wish of each limnologist, the goal of every oceanographer and the motivation for all water monitoring authorities. Guiding our valuable customers to instrumentation, which perfectly fits their needs, is our ambition.

It takes more than diligence and R&D to deliver top level equipment for the benefit of the end users. At HYDRO-BIOS we are a highly motivated team of professionals dedicated to providing reliable sampling tools for your daily routine work.

In this day and age it requires passion and determination to follow the traditional way of business practice where the complete customer satisfaction is our intent. This includes a high degree of openness, flexibility and reliability resulting in good, long term contacts with our worldwide customers. The sustainability of this fundamental practice is ensured by the continuation of HYDRO-BIOS Apparatebau GmbH being a family-run business, managed for three generations within the family.

The will to care about our clients and our attitude of fairness in all aspects of business is the basic principle behind our long lasting successful history.