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  • Automobile Paint

    Automobile Paint

    Problem: A car manufacturing plant were experiencing difficulties in removing painting sludge from their spray booth wastewater. The original vacuum filters had never achieved the performance required for the spray booths, which contained "robotic" ...

  • Bakery


    Problem: Bakery wastewater often contains a large amount of settled solids, like dough pieces and bits of nuts and fruit These materials will most likely settle because they are usually heavier than water. This particular customer sought wastewater ...

  • Dairy


    Problem: The Dairy Plant was experiencing difficulties with their waste activated treatment plant due to overloading. Solution: After a very successful trial, the customer installed a Hydrocal CAF to remove as much of the suspended solids, fats, ...

  • Egg Processing

    Egg Processing

    Problem: This eggplant, located in Southern California, pro¬duces approximately 6 million eggs per week. During the process and preparation of these eggs, some break and fall on the floor where they are washed into floor drains and mixed with ...

  • Fiberglass


    Problem: A major fiberglass manufacturer, with plants across the nation, had been discharging its effluent to settling and evaporation ponds. With the inherent liabilities of ponds, alternate methods were evaluated but found to be ineffective. ...

  • Food Processor

    Food Processor

    Problem: A major food processor and food supplier lo airline companies was out of compliance due to the failure of their wastewater treatment system to perform effectively in reducing the contaminants and meet discharge requirements. They needed to ...

  • Ice Cream

    Ice Cream

    Problem: This ice cream maker, established almost 70 years ago, is one of the largest premium ice cream companies in the USA. The plant discharged its wastewater to the local sanitation plant until 1987, at which time heavy restrictions were placed ...

  • Industrial Laundry

    Industrial Laundry

    Problem: For many years industrial laundries discharged their effluent into the local sanitation plant without any restrictions. Now, when applying for a new discharge permit, the laundries are required to meet the new guidelines established by the ...

  • Meat Packer

    Meat Packer

    Problem: When it was time for a meat packer in Canada to upgrade their dissolved air flotation system, they considered a number of possible replacements. Besides solving their wastewater needs, they needed a unit that would take up little of their ...

  • Pulp & Paper Mill #1

    Pulp & Paper Mill #1

    Problem: This company manufactures Gypsum Wallboard on a one-cylinder machine. It furnishes recycled paper (box, cardboard and newsprint) and it operates 340 days/year. The system holds 100,000 gallons at 120°F. It`s objective was to reduce ...

  • Pulp & Paper Mill #2

    Pulp & Paper Mill #2

    Problem: This company manufactures box board, chip and manila line. It furnishes recycled paper (box, cardboard and newsprint) and it operates 335 days/year on a one-cylinder machine. The DAF was not meeting sewer requirements and posed a ...

  • Tannery


    Problem: With the advent of stricter wastewater regulations adopted by federal and local authorities, tanneries across the country were being pressured to pre-treat their wastewater prior to discharge. In some areas, these regulations were being ...

  • Tortilla Plant

    Tortilla Plant

    Problem: A major tortilla plant, producer of corn and flour tortillas, tortilla strips and taco shells, was having problems with high levels of contaminants in their wastewater. Their major sources of waste are from their corn cooking operation and ...

  • Paint


    Problem: A paint manufacturer, that produces both oil and water based paints, needed help to solve their liquid sludge problem. At that time the wastewater was batch treated and consisted of a chemical addition process followed by settling. This ...